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Timestamped: Mondays with Myrt - 23 Mar 2015 (sans comments)

Periodically Ol' Myrt here posts the "timestamped" version of our Mondays with Myrt Hangout on Air, but admittedly I don't like to do it. WHY? It's much better when you join our free Google+ community, to keep up with all the comments back and forth posted before, during and after each Hangouts on Air. The video itself is available freely on Google+ public stream (sans comments), on YouTube (sans comments) and on my blog (sans comments).

WHY keep all the comments in once place?

WHY would +Cousin Russ and Ol' Myrt here do this to you?

So the conversation can continue - PERIOD.
(It's one of those "context" things.)

Here's the embedded video (sans comments) of Mondays with Myrt - 23 Mar 2015.

Here's the "timestamp" Mondays with Myrt - 23 Mar 2015 (sans comments) created by +Cousin Russ . Remember, you may click a timestamp and go directly to that portion of the Hangout on Air. We have included hyperlinks discussed during the show.

00:00 » Myrt welcomes everyone and gathers weather reports from our panelists and viewers throughout the world.
02:48 » United Nations Decade for People of African Descent - Everyone can share Myrt's collage with their local genealogy societies for newsletter and presentation slides. Myrt's original intent was to incorporate the copyright-free "International Decade for People of African Descent 2015-2024" logo from the UN into a collage of African Americans. Then it dawned on Ol' Myrt that she wishes to reach out to all regardless of race, color, creed or national origin with support for researching family and documenting cultural heritage.

03:47 » Who Do You Think You Are?  Angie Harmon Episode

15:26 » Sharing with Grandkids
23:01 » Mr Myrt and Grandson's Project
27:10 » Is Google+ Dead? DearMYRTLE favors this quote "But don’t write the obituary yet. It would be a mistake to call this a retreat, or an admission of failure. This is actually Google doing what Google does best: relentlessly optimizing its products based on data and feedback." 

29:29 » Ancestry Insider - Heritage Quest and Ancestry

34:00 » Ancestry Insider -Librarians Express Concern...

36:57 » Plot Mapping / Maps

Map Guide to US Federal Census 1790-1920


41:17 » Scotlands People

46:14 » Pennsylvania Birth Records, 1906 - 1908

1:00:10 » Victory Gardens - WWI and WWII

1:10:00 » Search for Tony's document

1:26:00 » Sue Adams blog post
1:29:29 » How to cite Heritage Quest Documents

1:31:50 » Layered Citations
1:35:58 » Wacky Wednesday
1:36:35 » NGS Conference

1:38:18 » HANGOUTS: Pay what you want by DearMYRTLE.

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