Thursday, July 09, 2015

I have no known People of Color in my tree

"This is a time –this is a chance for us to learn our story and then tell it to the world in a way that it has not been told before. It's our story. And we need to know it for ourselves. It gives you a sense of pride that can't be gotten in another way. It gives us something, a legacy to pass on to our children that can't be passed on in another way. And it puts us on the map historically in a way that the textbooks never have."
 Source: Margo Williams, MS, Author, African and Native American Researcher.

Ol' Myrt here asks each of her followers to contribute 30 minutes each week in July 2015 to this massive indexing project. That will surely get the ball rolling.

1. Learn more about the project at
2. Create a account, if you don't already have one. You'll be asked to download a small indexing program that permits online and offline indexing options.
3. When selecting projects to download, choose one of the Freedmens Record sets as shown below:

IMAGE: screen capture from

The FamilySearch Indexing process involves at least two sets of eyes on each image. Do you best. Ol' Myrt has created a Google Sheet if you'd like to keep track of your numbers here:

Happy family tree climbing!
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