Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Genealogy Gophers doubles its free online library

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following was received from our friend Dallan Quass at Doubles its Online Library to More Than 80,000 Digital Genealogy Books

GenGophers also adds the option to let users skip the daily Google Consumer Survey by paying a small fee, and a new fee waiver program for referrals

SALT LAKE CITY – Genealogy Gophers has broken additional new ground in genealogy research by launching an enhanced website that doubles the size of its original online library. now provides online over 80,000 genealogy books and periodicals that are searchable and downloadable by Genealogy Gophers’ users for free.   The online genealogy library has been built through a partnership with FamilySearch, and includes books and periodicals from their partner institutions such as the Allen County Public Library, the BYU Harold B. Lee Library, the Church History Library, the Family History Library, and the Houston Public Library.
The updated website has also recently been redesigned to include additional search features that make it easier for users to search for ancestors by name, date, and place, as well as to launch searches for and within specific family history publications.
At the same time, Genealogy Gophers has launched a new offer to skip the brief once-per-day Google Consumer Surveys that helps keep the website, library, and search tools free to users.  Requested by many GenGophers users who would like to avoid the surveys, this $19.95 option lets them skip the entire survey process for a full year.  Simultaneously, Genealogy Gophers announced a referral program that waives that $19.95 fee for users who refer others to the site.  Details for both programs are fully described on the website.
The growing scale of Genealogy Gophers’ digital library is complemented by its unique search tools.  The website continues to employ the industry’s most advanced search technologies, allowing users to quickly and easily search through the online library.  User-defined searches return “snippets” from possibly relevant pages found in publications contained in Genealogy Gophers’ online library.  This snippet feature enables family history researchers to perform quick relevancy checks on their search results before downloading entire books.  Each snippet displays the publication’s name and highlights the search terms that are found.  Example:  A search for “Joseph Hoole” in “Illinois” returned:
 Once a snippet is reviewed and confirmed by the researcher as being possibly relevant, it can be selected and the entire page from the publication with the highlighted search terms is displayed.  The page and the entire publication can then be further searched and downloaded for free by users. 
“In addition to focusing our online searches only on our massive library of genealogy books, our search engine also employs a completely different approach than those used by other book-searching websites”, said Dallan Quass, founder of  “While other websites can only search for specific words contained in books, our engine uses artificial intelligence to first identify and index all people mentioned in a publication and then allows specific searches for names, dates, and places associated with them.  This approach significantly increases the chance of discovering extended family connections, stories about the lives of ancestors, and bringing family histories to life.” is a free website, financially supported by ads and Google Consumer Surveys.  Those surveys ask users several market research questions once per day, allowing them to view the GenGophers library and use the search tools for free.  Users also have the option to pay a $19.95 fee to skip the survey process entirely for a full year.
About Genealogy Gophers:
Genealogy Gophers provides the most easily searched and retrieved family history books on the Web, with users able to access a growing online library that now includes more than 80,000 genealogy publications.  Search tools based on artificial intelligence algorithms significantly increase the chances of finding relevant search term matches compared to typical word search engines. Relevant pages and books can be downloaded for free from the website.  

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