Tuesday, September 15, 2015

#30Waysin30Days - Do you think they'll remember?

After a difficult two days, Ol' Myrt here managed to published a heart-felt post over on the WorldWide Genealogy Blog titled "Do you think they'll remember?" I guess I'm my father's daughter for I like he cannot speak of tender things without getting misty-eyed. So on this my father-dad's birthday, I direct your attention to that post.

IMAGE: The author's daughters Tam, Carrie and Stacey
Circa 1985, from the author's personal collection.

Happy birthday Father-Dad. Miss you. Thank you for teaching us well. If you were here I'd sew another "Apple A Day" flag for you. Gosh we had fun at Orcas. Thank you for great memories. Yes, we took 'em to hidden lake again this summer so they'll never forget.

IMAGE: Collage of photos featuring Glen S. Player, MD,
from the author's personal collection.
  1.  #30Waysin30Days to SHARE A MEMORY Intro 
  2.  #30Waysin30Days to SHARE A MEMORY - JibJab
  3.  #30Waysin30Days to SHARE A MEMORY - Perpetual Family Calendar
  4.  #30Waysin30Days SHARE A MEMORY - Email is so 20th century
  5.  #30Waysin30Days SHARE A MEMORY - 3-Ring Binders
  6. #30Waysin30Days SHARE A MEMORY - Tweaking that Google Calendar
    We also added an Ancestor Calendar to our blog (no living people!) 
  7. #30Waysin30Days Blog Tweak - page tabs and layout
  8. #30Waysin30Days - Share pics of THEIR parents 
  9. #30Waysin30Days SHARE A MEMORY - Thrill Ride
  10. #30Waysin30Days - SHARE A MEMORY - Family Jewels
  11. #30Waysin30Days SHARE A MEMORY Reverence for Life
  12. #30Waysin30Days SHARE A MEMORY Respect for Country 
  13. #30Waysin30Days SHARE A MEMORY Photo Jacket

Happy family tree climbing!
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