Thursday, September 10, 2015

#30Waysin30Days SHARE A MEMORY Reverence for Life

During our 2015 summer family vacation to Orcas Island, Washington, we certainly shared memories of trips past, and made many new memories to boot. So perhaps it's OK if Ol' Myrt here takes things a bit seriously on this the eve before we remember 9/11. While my grandchildren aren't having to worry about international terrorists, one grandson in particular taught me a lesson in reverence for life this summer. Let me explain.

IMAGE: Braden, age 10 with his mother (L) and sister (R)
on the ferry to Orcas Island, July 17, 2015, from the author's collection.

Braden is perhaps the noisiest of all my grandchildren. He enjoys tearing around our yard with his cousins playing Hunger Games and or taking on the persona of any one of a half-dozen Marvel comic characters. But Braden did several things this summer that showed me he has reverence for life. I think you'll enjoy finding out why this Gramma is brought to tears by this young man.

Sometimes it's not what we share, but what others share with us that makes for a mighty fine memory.

  1.  #30Waysin30Days to SHARE A MEMORY Intro 
  2.  #30Waysin30Days to SHARE A MEMORY - JibJab
  3.  #30Waysin30Days to SHARE A MEMORY - Perpetual Family Calendar
  4.  #30Waysin30Days SHARE A MEMORY - Email is so 20th century
  5.  #30Waysin30Days SHARE A MEMORY - 3-Ring Binders
  6. #30Waysin30Days SHARE A MEMORY - Tweaking that Google Calendar
    We also added an Ancestor Calendar to our blog (no living people!) 
  7. #30Waysin30Days Blog Tweak - page tabs and layout
  8. #30Waysin30Days - Share pics of THEIR parents 
  9. #30Waysin30Days SHARE A MEMORY - Thrill Ride
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