Saturday, September 19, 2015

How to add a "Follow on Feedly" button to your blog

Folks who watch Mondays with Myrt know that +Cousin Russ  and I use Feedly to pull all our favorite blogs into one location for easy reading. With we don't have to click here there and everywhere all over the net to see what's trending in the world of genealogy. There's even a Feedly app for our tablets and smart phones. 

Adding the "Follow on Feedly" button to your blog is a service to your readers and ensures they won't miss a single one of your posts.

Here's how I installed that bright green "Follow on feedly" button shown above:

Go to

Complete the three steps illustrated at left, namely:

-- STEP 1: Select your button design
There are also directions for creating your own button.
-- STEP 2: Insert your feed URL  
Feedly explains how to find your feed URL.

-- STEP 3: Copy and embed the HTML code snippetThis page automatically generates the code.

The site explains how to add your button to your blog: 
-- In Wordpress, add your button as a widget (Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets)

-- In Tumblr, add your button as a custom HTML (Customize > Theme > Use Custom HTML > insert under < div id="sidebar">)

-- In Blogger, add your button as a gadget (Dashboard > Design > Add a gadget > HTML/JavaScript)

I guess today is my day for sharing technology ideas, eh?

Happy family tree climbing!
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