Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It is Geni.com's image OR Mellin Patch Quilt's image?

At 3:09pm today, the genealogy website Geni.com shared a public social media post on Google+ with an image from someone else's website without URL or attribution for the quilter in question. This bugs Ol' Myrt here as a quilter and as a genealogist.

IMAGE: Geni.com's Google+ post.

With this post, Geni.com has provided a dead-end for the viewer. An image. That's it. Oh, yes, there is the notation:

(IMAGE: Mellin Patch Quilts)

To my mind this isn't enough.
  • How about the link to the location of the quilt photos? 
  • Doesn't the quilter own the copyright to the quilt design and the image? 
  • Doesn't Geni.com benefit by booting interest in it's own site when posting someone else's colorful family tree image in Genie.com's social media streams? 
  • If that image is painstakingly created by someone else, isn't that a bit unfair? 
  • Without providing a true spotlight of that quilter's work by including a clickable URL, isn't Geni.com promoting "quick" clicks without thinking of the other site's legal or at the very least moral rights to the image?
By the way, if you do a web search for Mellin Patch Quilts you find so much more that Geni.com could have blogged about. It could have been a win-win.
It isn't evident whether Geni.com has permission to use the quilt image since the Google+ post doesn't include that information.

If Genie.com had included the URL to http://www.mellinpatchquilts.com, or better yet, actually created a blog post about Jody's cool quilt, don't you think this might attract new business to Jody? 

I think playing together nicely in the genealogy sandbox takes into account spotlighting the good work others are doing. I'm not sure Geni.com's social media person quite inderstands that concept. It's all about networking, isn't it? Win-wins, not one-sided benefit equations.

(Stepping down off my soapbox now.)

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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