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Questions about this 1836 UK Poll Book entry

Ol' Myrt here is going to need help understanding this record collection from the UK Poll Books and Electoral Registers, specifically the entry for my step-mother's probable 2nd-great grandfather. It's in a printed book, now scanned and available at

The "source" info provided by is: UK, Poll Books and Electoral Registers, 1538-1893 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2012. Original data: London, England, UK and London Poll Books. London, England: London Metropolitan Archives and Guildhall Library.

Column headings read:
  • No. Christian Name and Surname of each Voter at full length
  • Place of abode
  • Nature of qualification
  • Street, Lane or other like Place, where the Property is situate; or the name of the Property, or name of the Tenant

I clicked back to image 437 of this series, to find the title page with hope of determining the year George Heyes was listed in the voter register. I was in luck as 1836 is clearly shown.

 The zoomed-in view, highlighted below, is the entry in question:

So I get that George Heyes is the 5783rd voter listed, that is is in the Salford Hundred, Southern Division of the County of Lancaster (from the top of the page above the column headings.)

I'd like to learn more about the "Nature of Qualification" column.

Apparently the right to vote was tied to the land? I see George is listed at 82, Oldham Road. The nature of qualification is Freehold houses. How does one become a "freeholder" and what does this entail?

Other people on the adjoining pages have as "Nature of Qualification" such entries as:
  • One-half share of freehold property
  • Freehold and and houses
  • Trustee in receipt of rents of freehold houses
  • Freehold land and buildings
  • Freehold house and shop
  • Incumbent of Saint Patrick's church
  • Seventeen leasehold houses for 999 years, under £10 per annum each
  • Joint proprietor of the mechanics institution, land and buildings, freehold
  • Freehold warehouse.
  • Two leasehold cellars, for 999 years, under £10 a year each
Also noted, in an all-to-quickly disappearing note in the lower left of the image viewer indicates something about the Guild Hall and additional information. So my follow-on question is:
Are there additional records I should look at for George Heyes concerning his entry in the 1836 Poll Book?

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