Monday, October 12, 2015

The Organized Genealogist

Gretchen writes: "Talking with someone at the Anchorage Genealogical Society’s seminar yesterday, I bemoaned the fact that I was so disorganized and would like someone to just tell me what to do. She said you had a great book on this subject, so I poked around on the web and identified it as Finally Getting Organized. BUT, I haven’t found a place to order a copy or to download it, though it looks like you’ve sometimes posted monthly checklists. Help!"

Dear Gretchen,
It has been years since DearMYRTLE's FINALLY GET ORGANIZED! (the book) went out of print. We are finalizing plans to revive the monthly organization checklist starting in January 2016. Just watch my blog. In the mean time, there are ideas posted in The Organized Genealogist Facebook group located here:

The Organized Genealogist was created by +Susan Petersen and quickly grew to enormous proportions due to the popularity of the topic and her able leadership. She was assisted by our genealogy friends +Linda McCauley+Elyse Doerflinger+Diane Gould Hall+Becky Jamison who kept the group focused on topic.

+Cousin Russ and Ol' Myrt here have agreed to serve as primary administrators of the group. Thankfully Susan and Diane have agreed to remain part of the transition team for the next month.
While certainly Ol' Myrt here has ideas for getting organized, that Facebook group is a space for everyone to share ideas and discover new possibilities for getting on top of our compiled genealogy stuff. As I speak Russ is organizing the wealth of information in the 300+ files uploaded by members. I've seen all sorts of good checklists and forms. 

Did you even know there is a file area on The Organized Genealogist Facebook Group? You'll find it on the Files tab at Point A, as shown below. 

To search the group posts for a specific topic, type in your search word(s) in the Search this group box at Point B, as shown above. With an active group like this, the sheer number of posts is staggering. I particularly like hearing how one person is trying a certain method and others chime in with suggestions to tweak the process.

Just for "grins and giggles" as Cousin Russ says, Ol' Myrt here typed in the phrase "file folders" without the quotation mark and received a multitude of posts including these by:

  • Cris T. who writes about storage boxes from Metal Edge. (14 comments)
  • Stephanie B. who writes about doing OK organizing computer files, but she want to know what to do with the papers she is accumulating. (4 comments)
  • Doreen S. who writes about digital file naming protocol and computer folder systems. (16 responses)
  • Angelic W. who writes about creating a book, chapters, table of contents and the index. (59 comments)
  • Lynn D. who writes about a problem Ol' Myrt wishes she had: receiving 160 photos from 80 family events, 4 hours of photographing old church records. (45 comments) That kind of exhaustion I could live with.

If these are the types of conversations you'd like to participate in, then do consider joining The Organized Genealogist located here:

Yes, there is a blog, which will be reactivated. We're just getting organized as administrators and are excited to follow your conversations in this worthwhile group.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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