Monday, October 26, 2015


Talking with my dear friend Chris today, we delved into why Ol' Myrt prefers genealogy discussions as opposed to giving lectures. Conversations bring the subject matter down about ten notches in the PDL department.

 When Ol' Myrt gives a lecture, it's all about me imparting information. But our genealogy conversation should not be about how much Ol' Myrt knows, but should be about how we can make progress in our family history research.

When we discuss a research topic, its more likely:
  1. Your questions will be answered by someone in the panel.
  2. We are more likely to internalize the methodology.
  3. We see the advantage of using a new record set. 
There is the added benefit of learning from other attendees. For instance, today, during Mondays with Myrt, our man in Ireland, +Tony Proctor, demonstrated a peculiarity and a work-around when downloading files from the England and Wales Electoral Registers 1832-1932 at +Hilary Gadsby also figured out a different web browser works better.

Here's a short, 5 minute video recorded with +Cousin Russ titled Why Be Wacky?

Happy family tree climbing!
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