Sunday, January 24, 2016

Where are Myrt's hangouts archived?

We moved to the new hangout interface this past month, and it is a smashing success. We've noticed folks commenting by logging in via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. No longer is our viewership limited to Google+ users. The G+ login is only required if one wishes to appear as a filmstrip panel participant.

As anticipated, there are some lingering questions as we become accustomed to this new hangout "game board."

Darlene writes "I can't find where you can increase the viewing screen to full monitor. The new tool has an increase button but it grows the viewing area to only about 2/3 of your monitor. But maybe I am missing something?" You aren't missing anything. By design the new interface provides for three columns of information from left to right:
  • The video itself (2/3 of your monitor, as you've noted)
  • The list of panel participants & viewers
  • Comments with links
It's possible to use your web browser's zoom function to see more of the video portion of the hangout, if that works for you. The drawback there is you'd have to scroll to the right to post a comment of click on a link shared by another viewer or filmstrip panel participant.

Darlene continues "Another thing that bothers me more is the lack of a playlist to return to an outdated video. With the old hangout format we could return many times to view previous videos. This is a handy feature for the many training hangouts you have done."
Viewers will find the new 2016 videos, as well as the older format videos on the new DearMYRTLE Hangouts site under "Archives" as shown below:

Starting with the 2016 videos, all comments are right there with the archived video. One merely scrolls back to review them. This is a great improvement over following a YouTube "Playlist" where you'd have to fish through DearMYRTLE's Google+ Community to find the show notes with all the links and comments.

All DearMYRTLE videos, before and after 1 Jan 2016, are also archived as "playlists" over on DearMYRTLE's YouTube Channel.

Thankfully our new hangout interface provides confirmation and reminder emails, something our viewers have long asked for and are accustomed to receiving when participating in other genealogy events on the web.

Cousin Russ and I look forward to exploring additional tools provided by the new "Business Hangouts" interface. Right off the bat, we're happy to report the new interface provide metrics not previously provided by Google.

We are most excited that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn followers may now join the conversation. 

Collaboration and conversation
what it's all about!


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