Monday, February 01, 2016

And the winner is DebbieB!

Today during our Mondays with Myrt hangout, Ol' Myrt here said she'd look over the entries from the January 2016 FINALLY Get Organized! Checklist participation entries to select a winner. Debbie Biggs will receive a $50 Amazon gift card via email as soon as this blog post is published.

It looks like Debbie started a brand new blog over at Tip-Toeing Through the Generations, as her weekly progress posts are showing up in her blog archives.

Describing her current genealogy organization challenges, Debbie writes:
"I have found it challenging to find good ways to name files for genealogy, persons, documents, photos. It seems difficult for me to devise file names that give enough information, but not too much. Also, being creative with my genealogy digitally. I am working toward getting us to a nearly paper-free state (we live in our 5th wheel, so space and weight are BIG issues). Ease of access to my genealogy information and photos is very important, as is creating a bit of a "story" about either single persons, or families, to share with non-history loving relatives!"

I hear you, Debbie. Space and weight are BIG issues, even within a home. If Ol' Myrt here happened to pass away before I FINALLY Get Organized, my daughters would have no space in their homes to accommodate these books, binders and gobs of paper images of old documents.

Regarding current genealogy organization successes, Debbie reports:
"I believe that one of the most impactful successes that I will find is the convenience of the transcribed documents - being able to share whole docs, or just bits of one, plus being able to copy and paste particular pieces for things like Evidentia. How helpful! Plus, just the slow reading, and typing, brings facts and questions to the forefront. Even answers! I am finding it a wonderful way for me to re-visit some of the information for my family. Also, silly as it may seem, having someone say 'it's time to replenish your office supplies - get your desk in order'  was a wonderful thing for me, as it moved me forward!"

Sounds like Birdie Monk Holsclaw's influence lives on.  Transcribing every single document was one of the striking things about Birdie's research binders. Just last night, after talking with my new-found Froman cousin, it was easy to copy and paste information from the transcription of his pension files, and zap a quick copy via email over to him. That cousin new the ancestor had served in one Union military unit during the US Civil War, but didn't really know much.

Debbie Biggs
January 2016
FINALLY Get Organized!

So Debbie is not only a bit more organized, but her buying power has been increased a bit!


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