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Feb 2016 FINALLY GET ORGANIZED! Winner is...

Lots of GREAT feedback from DearMYRTLE's weekly checklist participants in February 2016. Here's a sampling:

Meredith writes "Due to my mother having researched the Family Tree 30-40 years ago, I just copied that information into Family tree Maker. It is only recently that I have realised that there are many errors and more information to be found. Filing and sorting all the papers collected by my mother and myself has become a priority. Combining both paper and technology to reduce storage requirements is another angle I need to learn. It is unfortunate that many of the supplies you suggest are not available world-wide."  
DearMEREDITH, try to locate sources for the archival products we mention by using Google + your home country. Certainly us crazy folk in the US aren't the only ones privy to such acid-free folders and file boxes, etc.

June writes "Using your checklists and my blogging #365daysofjune helps keep me focused on my first four generations. Day 42 was my most empowered day genealogically speaking. [day#365daysofjuneday42 First Four Generations of the Stearns-Pease Family Update]. Microsoft Word is my place to added information,  analyse the information, verifying it with the Genealogical Proof Standards guidelines, before I add it to my Family Tree program. I have attempted several other suggestions of organization over the past years with the Do-Overs, Go-Overs, and webinars; I still return to my Microsoft Word to GPS [Genealogical Proof Standard] to Family Tree Program as my most successful and comfortable approach."
DearJUNE, Hopefully others will benefit from only looking at the first four generations as well. It's like a test case of what's possible later on in a larger scale.
Stephanie explains her most difficult challenge is "Relooking over my genealogy I can say my challenges is following the GPS.  Probably just a lack of knowing when to do it, i.e. when Ive completed the person."
DearSTEPHANIE, Knowing when you've completed research depends on who well you've scoured both online and offline record sets that survived from the time period. I'd suggest also studying how to write up a conclusion. Perhaps The Written Conclusion Study Group series will help you in this regard.

Lark reports "At least with regard to my surname folder, I can now easily find the photos and docs I'm looking for! And I love how I'm finding "new" information in documents I've had for years - just by transcribing them. What a fun surprise that's been!"
DearLARK, I hear you on the "finding new info in documents I've had for years - just by transcribing them." Glad the transcription idea is working for you, too!

-->Melissa's greatest challenge is "Making time to get newly found documents transcribed and into my genealogy program."
DearMELISSA, It's a challenge, but so worth staying on top of this work. As Lark can tell you, transcribing really brings the information items to our attention.

Tina describes her current genealogy organization successes as follows: "
-->Labeled binders with the surnames, books organized by category."
DearTINA, labeling the binders is half the battle. Now you've got a place to file away the next batch of photocopies and digital images.

Amy  says "
-->I have transcribed a will for my great grandfather and realized how oddly the land was to be disposed of - not to his wife but to be divided between five children. I thought that was odd and further research established that John's wife at the time of his death was not the mother of the named children....I had never noticed that before."
DearAMY, Finding a ssubsequent wife is tricky. Here I thought the response would be about a widow's rights of inheritance, which were lacking in earlier time periods.

Sandra reports "
-->I really really like the table top concept for filing. As each book begins to come together I feel a great sense of accomplishment."
DearSANDRA, Ol' Myrt here is glad you are feeling like you are getting a handle on things, and we're only just starting the third month of the FINALLY GET ORGANIZED weekly Checklists.  :)
Rachel says "
-->Currently my documents are scattered all over the place and while some are partially organized a lot of work still needs to be done. As well as managing to stay on task and not go chasing those bright shiny objects. This month I was able to get one family binder that is organized and has everything about that surname, that I currently have as well as my current thinking about the documents and why I chose them. I have also started to write proof statements that my clearly lay out my conclusions."
DearRACHEL, Those BSOs will get us every time. Had a bout with them myself last Friday night.

Marcia is so busy scanning that her report was short and to the point "Notebooks all scanned!
-->Lots of paper / still needing scanned." 
DearMARCIA, Do you think the digitizing will go faster if you use a digital camera of some sort?

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