Thursday, March 03, 2016

Evidentia Software: An interview with the developer

Employing the fine traditional speech pattern of Star War's Yoda,"Perplexed as to what to talk about, we were." Cousin Russ and Ol' Myrt here had another WACKY Wednesday hangout coming up and no clear-cut discussion topic had emerged during the previous week among our participants. We were frankly buried in our own genealogical research, fiddling at composing proof summaries, when (duh!) we hit on the idea of discussing Evidentia.

"Evidentia makes it easy to collect information,
analyze evidence,
highlight missed connections and 
feel confident with your conclusions. 

Evidentia does not replace your current genealogy software, but instead is meant to supplement and complement your research."

So, here's the archived version of our enlightening discussion with Evidentia's developer, Ed Thompson. From this you can see he is in fact a genealogist, and he understands how genealogists attempt to comply with the GPS (Genealogical Proof Standard.)

In fact, this software won't let you work on your summary until you've considered every claim found in a document, cited it, analyzed the meaning in historical context, correlated each info item with others on the same topic to arrive at a conclusion about a fact in an ancestor's life.

(Ahem.) Happy with the results, we were.

Happy family tree climbing!
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