Monday, June 20, 2016

ARCHIVED: Mondays with Myrt 20 June 2016

Panel participant Pat O'Donnell Kuhn has been deep diving in the National Library of Ireland Catholic church records. Thankfully, she has discovered an every-name search available to these same records at Ancestry's Ireland, Catholic Parish Registers 1655-1915. Irish researchers will appreciate the 20,000+ map collection at the National Library of Ireland.

Cousin Russ pointed us to Ancestry's Latin-English word list.

Betty Lu Burton writes "Some people are afraid to look in a foreign language, what they do not realize is a lot of time all you need to know is a few words and how to skim the records for the name and dates."

Lisa Gorrell agrees "That's true, Betty-Lu. Once the record is found by finding their names, you can always find someone to help translate the rest of it."

Randy Seaver pointed us to two items from our friends at

    Ol' Myrt here pointed to these resources among other things:

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