Sunday, June 12, 2016

ARCHIVED: Mondays with Myrt - 6 June 2016

Most Mondays, Ol' Myrt here simply doesn't know how we manage to discuss so many topics in a single hangout. I think it's because of our marvelous panel participants and contributions from members of the community. Did you know you can register for any of our hangouts using your Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or Twitter account?

Here are a few comments from this episode:

Randy Seaver reports on his Southern California Jamboree Blog Compendium - his social media session for genealogy societies and sessions he attended.
During our discussion of the History Channel mini-series Roots Reimagined, Tessa Keough says "Leonard Pitts, Jr.'s opinion piece was great - "if you don't tell your story, others will, and in the end, you won't recognize it" and "history is not obliged to make you feel good ..."  

Bill West says "I was stunned when I discovered I had New England ancestors who had African American slaves. But up here they "prettied " it up by calling them servants."

Via Facebook, Erin Jackson shared the image of a circa 1950s sharecropping document

Danine Cozzens writes "When you deprive any subgroup of people of their basic rights, those consequences persist down through subsequent generations. We don't "get over" that."

Later, when reporting on Tony Proctor's discussion with Elizabeth Shown Mills, Ol' Myrt here addressed the question of readability of say a blog post with a less-formal intended audience than genealogists who subscribe to a scholarly journal such as the National Genealogical Society Quarterly. Valerie Eichler Lair says "IMHO - no matter what it is you write for (blog, family, 5 scholarly journals), I believe citations should be...must be used. Why should we lower our standards...*the* Genealogy Standards for anyone who is not doing so or balks at it. We do not lower what the field requires. :) "

Thanks for the D-Day reminder from Scott Stewart via Facebook

The passing of  Muhammad Ali

The Tank Man

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