Wednesday, July 13, 2016

ARCHIVED: ESM QuickLesson 15 - Plagiarism (discussion)

Thanks to our panelists, we tackled the concept of ethical behavior as we study the work of Elizabeth Shown Mills in her “QuickLesson 15: Plagiarism - Five "Copywrongs" of Historical Writing,” Evidence Explained: Historical Analysis, Citation & Source Usage (—five-copywrongs-historical-writing : accessed 13 July 2016).

Debi McGee Hoag writes "I even create my citation before downloading a document from FamilySearch/Ancestry." Cousin Russ concurs.

Donna B says "That's an excellent discipline to start doing, Debi. I should apply that!"

Sheri  Fenley's homework discusses the plethora of unethical requests people are making on Facebook genealogy groups. Yikes! Folks are asking people to do multiple lookups in paid genealogy websites, most even admitting they are too cheap to join the service.

Hilary Gadsby comments regarding big, membership-based genealogy websites with the "free weekends" there is no point in asking someone to break the terms of their contract by doing a lookup.

Lisa Gorrell explains that LDS Family History Centers and some libraries have access to big membership sites. Her homework also provides her checklist for research:

Regarding the use of Wikipedia Commons images, Melinda Culpon writes "Even if it is creative commons you have to read the terms because there are different license for creative commons."

The Digital Millennial Protection Act info is found here:


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