Friday, July 01, 2016

ARCHIVED: ESM QuickLesson - 29 June 2016

We had a different focus this week in our ESM's QuickLessons Study Group. Initially, we spotlight a thread of posts in Elizabeth Shown Mills forum at her website "The Editor" is very responsive to questions from her followers. Ol' Myrt here recommends registering (its free) and searching the forum for answers to your citation and analysis questions. Later in this study group session we discussed basic vocabulary words for those of us undertaking historical research.

  • Lisa Gorrell said "You cannot talk about negative evidence without having a research question in mind."
  • Cheri Hudson Passey remembers "In MGP [Mastering Genealogical Proof] Tom Jones defines Negative Evidence as "the absence of information that answers a research question."
  • When it comes to negative research results we talked about hiring an experienced researcher for your ancestor's locality and time period. Danine Cozzens said "That is brilliant! (getting someone to advise you on next steps.) I hope to do this with NEHGS on my New England brick walls." 
  • Kathleen Moore was happy we were discussing the difference between negative research results and negative evidence and said "I am studying this chapter of MGP this week, so this is helping me a lot."
  • Sheri Fenley's homework included examples of some words she selected from Elizabeth Shown Mills' vocabulary list.
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