Wednesday, July 06, 2016

ARCHIVED: MyHeritage PedigreeMap demo


Unlike traditional "genealogy-to-map" integration software that provide a static result, MyHeritage PedigreeMap(tm) is highly interactive. Those lightening-fast computers at compare one's online tree to known locations on Google Maps providing a zoomable and filterable set of map points along with indications of whose profile items are reflected on the map. But PedigreeMap(tm) isn't just about an ancestor's event location on a pretty map.

We can actually edit individual data from the entry on the MyHeritage PedigreeMap(tm). We discovered a variety of filters with which to view and correct the localities for events and photos tagged with a specific location for either our entire database, an individual person, the immediate or extended family.

One may also the view by adjusting the filter by type of event, etc. Ol' Myrt here particularly likes the sliding time period filter circled in the screen shot below:

View this demo to find the answer to Ol' Myrt's question "Is it possible to keep the historical name for a place for some ancestor profiles, or is it necessary to change all to a uniform. modern-day place name?"  

During the live hangout attendees reported their enthusiasm exploring their MyHeritage database with this new PedigreeMap(tm) tool. Others are planning to upload their GEDCOM files or download the free Family Tree Builder software to sync with MyHeritage directly.

Dave Robison says "I've just found 2 of my Alabama ancestors who were enumerated in "Beat 2 Wilcox County, Alabama." They [Google Maps, the map behind PedigreeMap(tm)] shows this as from Thailand. This map makes it a simple process to make the corrections. I wouldn't have known where "Thailand" came from. The map shows you instantly [the alternative locations.] I just moved my 3rd ggrandmother from Thailand to Alabama! Short trip!"

Sherry Hall says "This is going to be so helpful - I have several instances where various sources spell the same place differently."

Danine Cozzens is thrilled by this new tool, stating "I have been doing this by hand, place by place, in Google maps for areas where I have no idea how close villages are to each other."

Sure you *could* watch the video of the MyHeritage PedigreeMap(tm) hangout session here or on DearMYRTLE's YouTube Channel, but you'll want to log in to view and comment at:

There's nothing like exploring a new feature with the developer, in this case Uri Gonen, Senior Vice President at MyHeritage along with Daniel Horowitz, MyHeritage's Chief Genealogist. Here's the link to the official announcement about this new app:
Uri explained they are developing a way to integrate possible original record matches and MyHeritage family trees matches in a future iteration of PedigreeMap(tm). BRAVO!

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