Thursday, August 18, 2016

ARCHIVED: ESM's Quick Lesson #18 Genealogy? In the Academic World? Seriously?

Our study group tacked Elizabeth Shown Mills' "QuickLesson 18: Genealogy? In the Academic World? Seriously? found at her website Evidence Explained: Historical Analysis, Citation and Source Usage ( : accessed 30 Sept 2015).

If there is a website that has too much in the way of side navigation bars, headers and footers, Ol' Myrt here recommends:

  • Michele Camilo says "I'm a retired nurse and boy did it change over the 40 years I worked. You had to do continuing education while you work or you couldn't get a renew license."
  • Melissa Barker reports "The archive field is always changing and incorporating new processes, records preservation, etc. This directly effects the genealogist and hopefully helps them better find the records, better access to records and more records available due to records preservation."
  • Melinda Culpon says "If in all studies - you have to keep learning because everything changes - eg. in technology field - if you don't keep up you will be out of a job - it changes every 6 months." 
  • Hilary Gadsby says "You need skills to create an accurate genealogy and not everyone has these." 
  • Jackie Wilson considers "I think that one of the issues with academic respect towards genealogist has to do with name collectors." 

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