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ARCHIVED: Mondays with Myrt - 1 Aug 2016

It was maaaaaarvelous to catch up with folks after Ol' Myrt's vacay. I think you'll find this is a particularly unusual hangout. +Cousin Russ has been working on a project using Evedentia software to ferret things out. He writes "To recap, I started with a problem, "who was the mother of..."
IMAGE: Star-Spangled Banner Quilt by members of Genea-Quilters.
Photo by Gena Philibert-Ortega.
WOW! THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER QUILT has just been completed with squares submitted by members of the Genea-Quilters Facebook Group. April Layher pieced this king-sized beauty, adding some white stars on a blue field across the top and bottom. This commemorates the bombardment of Fort McHenry during the War of 1812. This battle was Francis Scott Key's inspiration for a poem that became the US national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner

Tami Mize and Gena Philibert-Ortega serve as project coordinators. Ol' Myrt here designed the center panel and chose companion fabrics. Individual squares were completed by quilters from the US, Australia and even England. The longarm quilting was done by Janiel Miller of The Happy Quilting Lady. Notice she incorporated stars in her quilting pattern that show up beautifully on the backside.

Tami Mize writes "Beautiful! If you weren't able to participate in making a quilt square, but would still like an opportunity to win this stunning quilt, you may enter by making a donation via our PayPal link. Every cent donated will go to the Preserve the Pensions fund. All costs related to making this gorgeous quilt were generously donated. The PayPal donation links are direct via https://www.paypal.me/1812SSBQuiltProject . This quilt is worth thousands - let's raise as much as possible!"
  • +Cousin Russ shared his pics from a visit to Fort McHenry.
  • Georgie McDougle belongs to the United States Daughters of 1812.
  • Betty Lou Burton says "My ancestor James Emory was captured and sent to Canada, where he met his wife. He does have a pension and it has been preserved."
  • Cyndy Bray reports "My 3rd Great Grandfather was in the War of 1812. He died in 1840, but his wife was able to draw a pension."
  • Lisa Gorrell's ancestor John Coor was in Nixon's Mississippi Militia. No pension. He and his wife died before pensions were given.
  • Kim Krautheim says "When my boys were Cub Scouts, we were able to help raise the flag at Fort McHenry one morning. It was very exciting!" 
  • Justine Leicht says "During my daughter's spring band concert- they played the 1812 overture and they had drums set up around the auditorium. I got to play one of the drums to represent the canon shots." 

View just this segment of the hangout starting at 32:53

Tony says "The full article investigates a mysterious present from Utah to South Wales, received during WWII, and reveals two families separated by huge time and distance."

Tony brought us up to speed on his research project, expressing the hope the now elderly Mary Williams can locate descendants of John and Ann Richards and ideally meet them in gratitude for the box of peaches sent from north Ogden to Mary's family in Wales during WWII. She was a child of eleven at the time.

Ol' Myrt here thinks Tony's two-pronged approach to telling this heartwarming story dovetails perfectly, with FamilySearch CEO Steve Rockwood's directive to provide not only the serious research info but an emotional experience in our family history work. See: Ancestry Insider's Turning the Model Upside Down #BYUgen #BYUFHGC.

  • Lisa Gorrell - "We are in the same situation [how to make a story come alive.]"
  • Pat O'Donnell Kuhn says "It's more personal, You see the people. You are not just looking at a family tree. I want to know about how they lived."
  • +Hilary Gadsby, an experienced researcher, could relate to this sense of excitement through the photos, letters and stories put up on FamilySearch by others about a common ancestor.
  • Sue Adams also has a tradition of packages being sent from the US to her family during WWII.
  • Kathleen Moore says "I really think the pictures will draw in people that might not have wanted to read the blog post before. I love them both!"
We want to support education and this is a direct way. After some pressure from Ol' Myrt and others, our favorite first grade teacher Elyse has finally shared Mrs. Doerflinger's Classroom Wish List 2016-2017. Remember her firsties are from marginalized, underprivileged families. Elyse says:

  • I buy most of my books through Scholastic because they are *way* cheaper than anyone else and I can buy them using points earned through my students buying books. Win-win. 
  • I didn't add notebooks or certain other things because they are so much cheaper this time of year in store at Target or Staples or Office Depot or whatever.
  • I didn't add a lot of actual curriculum items because I buy teacher-created items through Teachers Pay Teachers. And their big sale starts tomorrow. 
  • In response to query about Teachers Pay Teachers gift cards, Elyse explained I could use GenealogistElyse@gmail.com. I did!

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Happy family tree climbing!
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