Wednesday, August 17, 2016

BOOKSHELF: Map Guide to Luxembourg Parish Registers

Compiler Kevan M. Hansen has been churning out these invaluable map guides for Germanic states over a number of years, chock full of advice about where to find records. In the forward for the 2016 publication Map Guide to Luxembourg Parish Registers:
"If only a general area is known, perhaps from a passenger list or naturalization record, this resource can also aid in identifying which church parishes can be found in that locality, or what civil records can exist [...]. Lastly, this resouce can empower the researcher when confronted with the necessity of a radius search."  
This book explains the three administrative districts, each with 12 cantons. Kevan then provides a canton map with a number corresponding to the approximate location of each village. Also provided is a brief history of Luxembourg, the type of known genealogical record sets such as census, church, emigration, and civil vital records and where they are available online if possible. As we know, it's not all found on the internet, and thankfully Kevan provides info about the state archives and library in addition to genealogical societies in the US and abroad that focus on Luxembourg ancestry. You'll also find suggestions for a gazetteer and language assistance.

Here we have the example of the Canton Luxembourg, District Luxembourg:

IMAGE: Kevan M. Hansen, Map Guide to Luxembourg Parish Registers (Orting, Washington: Family Roots  Publishing Company, 2016), p96.

In the image below we find Catholic Church Records for Canach are have survived from 1707-1792 and for Lenningen from 1687-1799. Notice alternate spelling villages in French, German and Luxembourgish are provided. The latter is particularly helpful where we only know of a phonetic spelling of an ancestor's village, passed down through generations.

IMAGE: Kevan M. Hansen, Map Guide to Luxembourg Parish Registers (Orting, Washington: Family Roots  Publishing Company, 2016), p100.

Following is the list of places beginning with the letter "A" found within this volume, more are to be found at the publisher's website here:
  • Aassel
  • Aasselbur
  • Aasselscheierhaff
  • Abweiler
  • Ahn
  • Aischen
  • Äischen
  • Äischer
  • Allënster
  • Allerborn
  • Allerbur
  • Alrodeschhaff
  • Alscheid
  • Alschënt
  • Altlinster
  • Altrier
  • Altrodeschhof
  • Altwies
  • Altwis
  • Alzeng
  • Alzingen
  • Amber
  • an der Buerg
  • an der Zowaasch
  • Angelduerf
  • Angelsberg
  • Angelsbierg
  • Ansebuerg
  • Ansembourg
  • Ansemburg
  • Antoniushaff
  • Antoniushof
  • Arsdorf
  • Arsdorfermühle
  • Arsdorf‑Moulin
  • Aspelt
  • Assel
  • Asselborn
  • Asselscheuerhof
  • Atert
  • Attert

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