Friday, September 23, 2016

Ancestral Quest: New update

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following was just received from our friends at Ancestral Quest.

New AQ Release
Build 34 (7 Sep 2016)

Enhancements to General Features
  • WorldConnect Tree Links on Pedigree View: has had trouble delivering proper information on the number of Trees in the RootsWeb (WorldConnect) project for several weeks. This build will recognize when is having trouble, and provide you with a link to search for trees on RootsWeb. This search has been improved to give you better results, by searching not only on name, but also on birth year.
  • Scrapbook Links: When a scrapbook link was broken (most usually because you moved a photo to a new folder), AQ would allow you to search for the new location. One of the screens that is shown now includes the name of the file you are looking for, rather than have you rely on memory.
  • Check/Repair: A couple of improvements were made to Check/Fix to find a couple of unusual data issues.
Bug Fixes to General Features
  • GEDCOM Import: When importing a GEDCOM file which included images for sources, in some cases the images were not properly attached to the correct source. Fixed.
  • Translations: Some status screens were not showing the translation, rather always showed in English. Fixed.
Enhancements to FamilySearch Features
  • Reserving Ordinances: If you were using the "Create Batch" screen of AQ's Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System (an LDS specific feature), such that you were opening and closing this screen often, AQ now reloads the screen much more quickly.
Bug Fixes to FamilySearch Features
  • Error Code Changes: Over the last few months, FamilySearch has changed some of the codes they send to AQ, causing AQ to give less helpful messages. This build handles these altered codes:
    • Several users have received lots of 403 errors, when FamilySearch changed the IDs of records of living people. In these cases, AQ will now report the IDs as no longer valid, and make it easier to re-link the records.
    • When AQ updated marriage data on FamilySearch, a changed code caused AQ to report that the update was unsuccessful, when in fact, the change had been made. AQ no longer improperly reports a problem in this case.
    • When users would run the feature to Check for Changes on FSFT, if certain new error codes were encountered, it stopped the process. Now the process will continue, and simply skip the record with the new codes.
  • Syncing Sources: An improvement was made to the way sources are attached to various events for individuals when syncing sources with FSFT.
  • Other: A few other minor bugs were fixed in syncing.

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