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Bookshelf: German Genealogy Publications

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Weekend Savings on German Genealogy Publications       
(Sale prices in effect through 11:59 p.m. EDT, September 19, 2016.)
IMAGE: Pictures from Old Germantown. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
More Americans trace their origins to the Germanic-speaking areas of Europe than to any other country or ethnic group. German immigrants began coming to the New World in earnest in the first quarter of the 18th century, and they were the preeminent immigration group throughout the whole of the 19th. Although Pennsylvania was the target of the first large German emigration, eventually Germans flooded the ports of the entire Middle Atlantic, and eventually the South Atlantic and Gulf Coast. By the 19th century many first-generation German Americans made their way to the American Midwest immediately after arriving at East Coast ports such as New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, thanks to the availability of railroad transport to cities like Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Chicago. Before the great German auswanderung was over, it encompassed Germans from Prussia and from German-speaking parts of old Russia, many of whom chose to homestead in Wisconsin, the Dakotas, and the Mountain States of the U.S.
This weekend, you can stock up on some of the best reference tools in German-American genealogy at savings of 40% or more. A number of these titles, understandably, concern German settlement in Pennsylvania and New York, while others examine Germans in Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. Germans fought on both sides of the American Revolution, which is the subject of another discounted book. We have also discounted the best book around on German names and surnames. In short, no matter where your German forebears originated or settled, or why, you will find a terrific reference book waiting for you in this sale. Just be sure to place your order before 11:59 p.m. EDT, Monday, September 19, 2016.
This CD contains images of the pages of all three volumes of Pennsylvania German Church Records, representing a distillation of all the church records ever published in the Proceedings and Addresses of the Pennsylvania German Society. The records, which refer to approximately 91,000 individuals, include births, baptisms, marriages, and burials and identify people and their relationships to one another--not only parents and children, husbands and wives, but witnesses and sponsors as well.
Was $39.99     Now $17.99
This is the account of some 240 Prussian families who first migrated to the Ukraine and then re-settled in Marinette and Oconto counties, Wisconsin. The author furnishes the family member's year of birth, date of entry into the U.S., country of origin, port of entry, and date of death, as well as the name of his spouse, and her dates of birth and death.
Was $32.50     Now $18.95
In this work the late Bruce Brandt and his father, Edward, provide the surname of every German-speaking individual who appears in 13 authoritative histories--11 of them written in German--that document the massive immigration of Germanic individuals to Eastern Europe. In all, this work lists 19,720 surnames of German-speaking ancestors who immigrated to Russia, Poland, Romania, and elsewhere in Eastern Europe.
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Just as they had in New York, the Tulpehocken Palatines of the 18th century had to negotiate with the Proprietors of Pennsylvania and the indigenous population before they could take control of the lands promised to them. The author discusses this in detail, while other chapters describe the Palatine style of settlement and their flourishing farms, efforts to construct the first churches and schools, Indian wars, and the founding of towns and cities. Special consideration is given to the lives and homesteads of the Palatine patriarchs Conrad Weiser, Daniel Steinmetz, Isaac Levan, John Caspar Stoever, Reverend Tobias Wagner, Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, and others.
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Author J. Hanno Deiler devotes the preliminary sections of this work to the early German families and their settlements in Louisiana, while nearly one-half of it lists, along with genealogical notices, the "Names of German Habitants on Both Banks of the Mississippi Above New Orleans," as based on the official census of 1724, and a roster of "Additional German Names...Not in the [1724] Census." Other sections are devoted to names in other censuses, Germans from Maryland, and Creoles of German Descent. Over 2,000 names are contained in the 28-page index, which lists every name in the book, with variant spellings.
Was $25.00     Now $14.95
This is an abridged edition of the best history in English of the German troops (i.e., Hessians, Brunswickers, Waldeckers, etc.) who fought on the British side in the American Revolution. Nearly 100 pages are devoted to "A List of the Officers...1776-1783," which names about 1,500 men, arranged by regiment and thereunder by rank, with dates of service and other records. Since many of these German "auxiliaries" were captured and ultimately remained in America, this work should interest many researchers with ancestors from the Revolutionary era. With indexes to names and places.
Was $35.00   Now $19.95
This work describes the Verein colonization in Texas, a movement that brought thousands of German immigrants into Texas from 1844 to 1847. The goal of the Verein movement was to create a settlement of German immigrants on the 3,800,000-acre Fisher-Miller grant and in a number of other places in Texas. Of special interest to the descendants of these early Texas settlers is a list of over 4,000 immigrants compiled from German and Texas ships' passenger lists. This list provides such information as age, names of accompanying family members, place of residence in Europe, name of ship, and dates of departure and arrival.
Was $27.00     Now $15.95
From all sources researched, Mrs. Geue located a total of 105 passenger lists, compiling therefrom this master list of 5,600 German immigrants. Information includes age, family, residence in Europe, name of ship, and dates of departure from Germany and arrival in Texas, as well as the name of the county in Texas in which the immigrant settled. In addition to the lists of immigrants, this work includes a brief history of German immigration to Texas together with the names and a description of some of the Germans who were in Texas before it became a Republic.
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This is a compilation of abstracts of articles, advertisements, and paid notices that appeared in the five principal German newspapers published in Philadelphia and Germantown from 1743 to 1800. The data covers death notices, advertisements for runaway servants, notices of arrival and removal in the Pennsylvania area, and notices placed by persons seeking news of relatives and friends.
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Primarily a compilation of Reformed Church marriage records (with some Lutheran and Union church materials as well), this work provides documentation on some 50,000 persons of German origin or descent as found in the records of approximately 100 churches in eastern Pennsylvania. The records of actual marriages, which form the basis of the work, generally give the names of the bride and groom, date of marriage, names of parents, place of residence, and, sometimes, place of origin, date of birth, and previous marital status. Records of marriage, deriving from baptismal entries, burial records, etc., variously give names of parents (usually the maiden name of the mother), names of grandparents and sponsors, place and date of birth and/or baptism, names of children, and date of death.Was $70.00     Now $39.95
This third edition of German-American Names by Prof. George F. Jones is longer than the earlier editions and has several thousand more entries. Like its predecessors, it attempts to explain the meaning of names borne today by Americans that derive from the German language or its dialects. Moreover, it deals with the Americanization of some of those names, explaining the social and historical phenomena that contributed to the distinctive character of German-American names. It deals as well with names many of us would never have thought of as German.
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Composed of Salzburgers from Austria, Palatines from the southern Rhineland, Swabians from the Territory of Ulm, and Swiss, the so-called Georgia "Dutch" represented the largest ethnic group in Georgia in the mid-18th century. In this revised edition, author George Jones has distilled a lifetime of research into a single alphabetical list of some 3,500 Germans.
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