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Women's Suffrage: circa 1880 in Colorado

Here's a little more background on Matilda Joslyn Gage, thanks to our friend JD Thomas of

"Gage bought The Ballot Box, a publication of a Toledo, Ohio suffrage association, in 1878 when its editor, Sarah R.L. Williams, decided to retire. Gage renamed it the National Citizen and Ballot Box, and included her intentions for the paper in a prospectus: “Its especial object will be to secure national protection to women citizens in the exercise of their rights to vote…it will oppose Class Legislation of whatever form…Women of every class, condition, rank and name will find this paper their friend.” SOURCE:

IMAGE: Screen shot with image of Matilda Joslyn Gage
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IMAGE: Thayer's New Map Of The State of Colorado Compiled From Official Surveys And Explorations. Published by H.L. Thayer, Denver Col. 1880. Established in 1871. Drawn By Edward Rollandet. Entered ... 1878 by H.L Thayer.Washington.
We would like to add our names with those of others who are working for the right of suffrage." —Estelle T. Herina, Minnie A. Glover, Jennie T. Hoffman, Ni-Wot .
"Will send my name as one woman who has for several years voted at school meetings, but would like to vote for perance, free thought, free education, cheap money issued solely by the Government, the fall of monopolies, equal rights, equal pay and self-government in every way, shape and manner. Speed the work." —Albma L. Washburn, La.

"Being a wife, mother and tax-payer, I earnestly, desire to help make the laws which I have to obey, deeming all true women as capable of law-making as the groes. Do the men ever think that they exalted an inferior race of people over thefr wives and mothers,—they fought, ed, and many died to give the negro the right of suffrage. Why are they so loth to grant the same to us? It is our right ; we must have it; it is a disgrace to all men that we have to plead for it." —Mrs. Minnie A. Earing, Ft. Collins .

Mrs. C. M. Churchill, editor of the “Antelope,” Denver , writes: "Many of our sympathizers will never learn of the meeting because of the indifference and opposition of the press."

Several gentlemen sent cards to the man’s meeting, among whom was Rev. W. C. Roby of Denver , who says:

The proverbial “old woman” is said to have defended her position by the lone word “cause!” The man that is too “numerous” to become proverbial, defends his position against equal rights by saying, “woman must not vote ‘cause she is a woman.” I one is a standard the other is at par. I say my mother ought to vote , because she is a noble women; my sister and wife are like her and should vote too. God speed the noble cause of equal rights.

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