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ANNOUNCING: Panel Participants for the Genealogical Proof Standard Study Group (2017)

As a followup to our popular Beginning Genealogy Study Group, we are pleased to announce the panel participants for the Genealogical Proof Standard Study Group (2017) to be held Wednesday mornings starting 4 Jan 2017 at Noon Eastern US (New York time).

Cheri Hudson Passey began professional services (teaching, speaking and client work 3 years ago. She is a monthly contributor to The In-Depth Genealogist Magazine in addition to writing her own Genealogy Blog. She's a ProGen25 graduate, and will be attending Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy 2017. She has attended several national (US) conferences and regularly listen to webinars, hangouts and podcasts.

Janice Jean Geist has 12+ years of extensive personal genealogical research experience. At the request of friends, she has researched and produced genealogies for about 30 families.  She will tell you she "never set out to become a genealogist, but it has become my number one passion in life.  I am continually shocked by the 'quality' of genealogies provided to me by family  representatives, as well as some of those produced by 'professional genealogists.' Cleaning up the messes in these genealogies is some of the most rigorous and enjoyable work I have ever done." She holds a degree in I have a degree in history and really lean to genealogy mixed with family histories into which I weave governmental, social, technological, etc. changes to the stories I write for each of the ancestors I research.  I live on a ranch in a remote area of northern Colorado and never have taken any on-site courses. She also holds a doctorate in Business Administration and has teaching experience.

Katherine Challis has been researching her personal family history since 2008. In 2013 she started a blog about her niche area of interest, Czech Out Your Ancestors. I took a FH class at BYU. I have also been through numerous training sessions during her service as an LDS Family History Consultant since 2013. Much of her education is self taught, through reading lots of NGSQ and collaborating with my Czech genealogy friends. Current project: collaboration to write a Czech land records book geared for English speaking people.

Kathleen Miller is a third generation genealogist doing research for over 40 years. She made spending money in college doing research for other people. That was back in the day before the internet where local courthouse research was the norm. She credits her grandmother as a great influence. She has taken advantage of genealogy classes, workshops and seminars.

Kim Knepper has two years experience as a genealogical researcher and is a member of DAR (National Society Daughters of the American Revolution). She has attended literally hundreds of online webinars. In addition to attending Ohio State Genealogical Society annual conferences in 2015 and 2016, she was able to attend the Federation of Genealogical Society's 2016 conference.

Marceline Beem has been researching Southern and Midwest US families for about 18 years. She is currently enrolled in a ProGen Study Group and has watched numerous genealogy webinars. She is a frequent attendee of DeearMYRTLE hangouts of late.

Megan Heyl  has been engaged in genealogy research for 15+ years and enjoys an active client research business. She founded and leads a monthly genealogical study group that is beginning its 4th year. She has taken classes on local, national and international content while attending conferences these past ten  years. She recently completed a week-long study of Wales research and culture at the British Institute of Genealogy and Family History.

Sheri Finley is no stranger to DearMYRTLE study groups. She has 25+ years research experience, including 17 years for clients. She has a Certificate in Family History Studies, has attended the Institute for Genealogical and Historical Research, Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy including the 2016 Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum, and the National Genealogical Society's Home Study Course.

This study group series aims take principles presented in Christine Rose's book and illustrate how it impacts our research.


Christine Rose, Genealogical Proof Standard: Building a Solid Case 4th Edition Revised, (San Jose, California: CR Publications) 2014.  [Available for under $10 at Amazon and other online book sellers.]


  • Chapter 1: What is the Genealogical Proof Standard? - Wednesday, 4-Jan-17 includes evaluation and assembling evidence.
  • Chapter 2: Building a Solid Case -Wednesday, 11-Jan-17 includes cautions and reaching conclusions in problem cases.
  • Chapter 3: Evaluating the Records - Wednesday, 18-Jan-17 includes what to do when getting "hung up".
  • Chapter 4: Case Studies - Wednesday, 25-Jan-17  includes analysis and summation.
  • Chapter 5 and Final Words - Wednesday, 1-Feb-17 includes the purpose of written summaries.
WHAT ABOUT COMMUNITY HOMEWORK? Panel participants must submit homework no later than Noon (Eastern US) on Monday prior to the appropriate study group session.

Other members of our hangout community may submit homework, and we may elect to include their responses in our study group sessions when possible. These would typically run 4-5 pages in length depending on the embedded images of old documents.

1. Study each chapter a week in advance.
2. Decide on one concept within the chapter to illustrate with an example from your research.
3. Compose homework using the following style at the top:

Genealogy Proof Standard Study Group
Chapter One  -What is the Genealogical Proof Standard? Your Name

Reference: Christine Rose, Genealogical Proof Standard: Building a Solid Case 4th Edition Revised, (San Jose, California: CR Publications) 2014.
[Insert your response to a principle the author brings out in the chapter, including a few scanned images of documents used to make your point.]
4. Publish your homework in either blog or Google Doc format for study participants to review in advance.

5. Post the link to your homework in the DearMYRTLE hangout "unified chat" for the appropriate study group session. Note: Beginning in 2017, a month's worth of hangouts will be scheduled in advance. Look for a new post the Sunday prior to the beginning of a new month. See also:


See you at RootsTech 2017. Register here.

Hangouts: Pay what you want. So it's simple. If you value the work Ol' Myrt, +Cousin Russ and our beloved panelists do week in and week out on your behalf, please:

Check the DearMYRTLE Hangouts Calendar for upcoming study groups and hangouts. There you'll find links to the GeneaConference (in-person) and the GeneaWebinars Calendar with over over 200 hours of online genealogy classes, webinars, live streams and tweetchats from other hosts and presenters over the next 12 months.

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