Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Setting Up My Bullet Journal - Part 1

Clearly the pic above represents the "before" in my disorganized life. Missing is my Franklin Covey planner, buried under a sea of old clipboards and school girl composition books. So where's the "after" shot? Right here:

This image speaks to my intention - doing everything with love, so I enlarged it for the cover page of my personal bullet journal

Ryder, the guy who dreamed up the concept of a bullet journal describes this notebook system as  "The analog system for the digital age." Find out more at: http://bulletjournal.com

No, I didn't write everything out like Ryder did. In a future blog post, I'll share how I used MS Word to create the core modules for my bullet journal pages:
  • index
  • future log
  • monthly calendars for the year
  • notes (for daily log)  
  • Blank pages (for collections)
Some people go off the deep end when it comes to drawing up and decorating bullet journal pages. Pinterest is full of suggestions.
I realized that my show notes, study group planning, and the notes made when planning projects, family gatherings and writing projects are actually a big slice of my life, so why not pretty things up?
Ol' Myrt here isn't particularly a scrapbooker, though scraps of papers and sticky notes liter my office desk. Here are random thoughts about why bullet journaling appeals to me:
  • My calender-oriented planner didn't have enough blank pages for me to dream and create.
  • I make at least four pages of handwritten notes in the green room before any hangout, more if it is a study group. Yes, I use Trello for the "big picture" with links to share. But handwritten notes work for last minute inspiration, and tallying the points panel participants wish to make.
  • A clipboard worked, except all those pages just got messy and the stack gets of order. I sometimes like to refer back to those notes for inspiration.
  • My composition books worked better, lots of blank pages. But the cover was boring, and there was no calendar. Yes, I use the Cozi app on my smart phones, bringing in several Google Calendars and coordinating activities with Mr. Myrt.
  • Composition books worked fine this year except: the paper quality was poor so the ink could be seen from both sides of the page. I couldn't insert a page, and tearing one out spoiled the integrity of the book.
  • I've chosen 8.5' by 11" since I've noticed the 9.75" by 7.5" page of my composition books weren't quite long enough.
Mr. Myrt and I have spent energy creating our beautiful home, though my brother Mike says "It's good, in a grandparent sort of way." Why shouldn't Ol' Myrt's writing and journaling look well? After all, it's an extension of me and I'd like it to be inspiring for me and for anyone who runs across it when I pass away.
I'm envious of people who've inherited their mother or grandmother's calendars. Those little daily notes provide a quick view of daily life in the "olden days."

Tami Mize inspired us to get organized and have fun doing it! Her ideas helped me understand I could customize my bullet journal to suit my needs.

Does the idea of a bullet journal appeal to you? Let's have fun sharing sample journal pages and get the ball rolling in the organization department for 2017.

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