Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Get your ROOKIE on!

Keynote speaker, Liz Weisman inspired me with her phrase "Get your rookie on!" This phrase gave me permission to freely explore new avenues of thinking, new ways of researching, even alternatives hosting our genealogy hangouts. You know how we go to these genealogy conferences and feel inspired, but we go home and never quite getting around to trying even one or two of the new things we heard about at the conference. So we need to become rookie genealogists.

What does being a "rookie genealogist" mean to you?

+Fiona Tellesson "Being a rookie can be very challenging."

+Doris Haskell, a view of today's hangout did something

+Valerie Eichler Lair says it's a matter of being challenged so she can kick it up a notch. Fear is the biggest factor, and shared her mantra:

Don't let FEAR interrupt what your passionate is.

Betty-Lu is a good, competent genealogists who is now diving into DNA research.

John Laws says "being a rookie means starting over." This reminds Ol' Myrt of Thomas MacEntee's Genealogy Do-Over. It's a disruption from the ways we have been doing things with the hope of achieving a different outcome.

So Fiona and Valerie accepted the challenge to try something totally new to them. It happened they both decided to explore how to share information using Adobe Spark. The key is neither had ever used Adobe Spark before, but they were willing to "get their Rookie on" and go forth. The results were startling and inspiring.

  • Monique says "I want to make one!"
  • Jennifer said "I think Val might have a new job! She can create videos for the people on Homeaway and AirBnB. What a fabulous narrator!!!"
  • Pam says "Awesome Job. Now I am going to try this!"
  • Shelley said "I love it! I can do that."
  • Doris says "Wouldn't it be fun to read a book [with Adobe spark] to grandkids who live far away?"
  • Fiona says "I'm doing a key note presentation in April on Vision Boards - I'm now going to learn Adobe Spark fully - So I can WOW the attendees..."


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