Sunday, April 23, 2017

RIP dear, sweet Barbara Schulz


A truer friend one could never find. Our Barbara Schulz, pictured in turquoise above at her 2004 installation as Osceloa (Florida) Chapter DAR Regent, passed away today following complications in care from her broken leg. She leaves her daughter and son-in-law, three grandchildren and many great-grandchildren, a sister, a half-brother and nephew and a beloved foster brother.

This isn't her obituary. It's setting down a few thoughts before I gather with the family.

It was my honor to live with Barb for many years and learn what selfless love is all about. Everyone loved her. There wasn't a need she didn't try to meet. She was just plain there for people.

There wasn't a potential DAR, 1812, Colonial Dames, DUV or UDC member in Florida that she didn't help process the application. Many a Sunday she and I, and often Audrey would pour over what was provided by a candidate, then work through research challenges to bring those applications up to snuff.

Barb was instrumental in helping bridge the divide between two local DAR chapters. You couldn't refuse her anything. Her positive outlook, and her "can do" spirit has touched us all.

Mr. Myrt and I are traveling to attend to whatever the immediate family would have us do. I'll be playing the organ at the funeral, that much I know. I'll do anything else needed to somehow smooth the rough edges during this tender time. Barb's daughter and extended family all live in Virginia, so Bradenton resources are somewhat unknown to them. I know we can rely on our lineage society sisters to assist.

I'll also be wearing bright, cheerful colors, as I know she does not want us to morn.


I've cancelled all but tonight's FHConsultants' Hangout for the rest of the month of April.

More when I'm able to get to my computer.

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