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Detailed Version: Registration for DearMYRTLE's 2021 Webinars and Meetings

UPDATED April 2021

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: This is the "Detailed" version about how to register for our new 2021 Zoom Webinars and Meetings. If you'd like to skip to the "Quick and Dirty" registration info, you'll find it here:

Cousin Russ and I are happy to present a spiffy new set of DearMYRTLE Webinars and DearMYRTLE Meetings for 2021. This post includes detailed instructions.
  • Best practices when attending any online event.
  • Links to helpful Zoom and DearMYRTLE recordings
  • Registration links for DearMYRTLE's 2020 Webinars and Meetings.
During the past few years, we've relied on recurring virtual events, but wish to update these with the latest Zoom enhancements. As with any computer software and operating system, it is advisable to use the most recently reliable version. Upgrades provide new bug fixes, the latest security measures and new features.

  1. Sign up for a free Zoom Account and download the app for your device  here.
  2. Under Settings, add your profile picture. See How to use Zoom's Desktop App.
  3. When you register for a webinar or meeting, add it to your calendar.
  4. Be sure your  headset/mic are plugged in, then reboot your computer 15 minutes before attending any online event.
  5. Turn off memory-resident programs like Dropbox, MS Outlook, and Backblaze as these take up extra bandwidth.
  6. Ask other members of the household to refrain from accessing the internet. Turn off smart TVs, and other unused devices that may compromise bandwidth. This includes online games, streaming video and music.
  7. Keep your operating system, web browser and Zoom app up-to-date.
For more information see: 

Quick and Dirty: Registration for DearMYRTLE 2021 Webinars and Meetings

Updated for April 2021

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: This is the "Quick and Dirty" registration page for DearMYRTLE's 2021webinars and Meetings. If you'd like the "Detailed" version, it is found here:


If you are experienced with DearMYRTLE's Webinars and Meetings, you just need the basic facts as listed below.

MONDAYS WITH MYRT NEW! 2021 webinar registration link (Closed Captioning)

CensusGenie NEW! 2021 meeting registration link (Closed Captioning)
MINI-MYRT MEETINGS NEW! 2021 meeting registration (Closed Captioning)

WACKY Wednesday NEW! 2021 webinar registration link (Closed Captioning)

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