Monday, May 18, 2020

Myrt's got CC

It is a red letter day over at DearMYRTLE. We announced something marvelous during today's Mondays with Myrt Zoom Webinar. We are adding live closed captioning to our webinars. 

As our regulars know, DearMYRTLE webinars are all about conversation

  • We have a cadre of opinionated panelists from throughout the world. 
  • Cousin Russ spotlights attendees’ comments. 
  • We focus on diversity and inclusion, excited to learn new things together.
  • We don’t have lectures per se, but we enjoy informative conversation.
It takes a village of genealogists to decipher the GPS and improve our citations. Virtual meetings have been a Godsend for Ol’ Myrt here since this wheelchair is my nearly constant companion. But there is one segment of the greater genealogy community that cannot actively participate. We are going to fix that starting this week - as we are adding *live* closed captioning to our webinars. 

Yup! “Myrt’s got CC!”

By Wednesday, each panelist will be set up to participate, so that our Zoom API can tell our 3rd party service to automatically transcribe his voice to text during our live meetings. All attendees may view the CC - closed captions, as well as the transcript. 

Finally, our Deaf associates can share in the learning, share in the teaching, and revel in the camaraderie like never before. How cool is that?

Here's what it will look like:

IMAGE: Our Zoom Webinar participants  may click the CC button
and the text will show up as shown in the screen shot above.

Watch the first few minutes of today's Mondays with Myrt for the explanation of how this new CC option will work.

You will note that the CC worked today for only what Cousin Russ and DearMYRTLE said, because we have not yet activated this option with our other panelists. By this week's WACKY Wednesday, all panelists will be part of the CC.

Click here to view the embedded video on YouTube, where you may turn on YouTube's CC.

I'm thrilled that we can offer CC for our attendees from this point on. YAY!

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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  1. wonderful that you are adding this - many genealogists and family historians have hearing issues and for others perhaps it is an accent or the speed at which a person speaks - kudos for thinking of others and figuring out how to be inclusive!