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Tuesday, July 07, 2020

4 Monitors?

YUP! Ol’ Myrt here has gone ”cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” er, um, make that multiple monitors. With all this Covid-19 self isolating, Ol’ Myrt has been busy providing Zoom tech support at GRIP 2020 with Cousin Russ and some mighty fine GRIP Tech Hosts. And I’ve been living in my office the better part of the day and finishing up by hosting three of five evening sessions each week of GRIP. 

It has helped that I recently upgraded my computer setup from three to four monitors. Here’s why:

Here’s what’s typically on each monitor:

Monitor 1 - (bottom left) 
— My genealogy program.

Monitor 2 - (bottom right) 
— Transcript for transcribing documents word-for-word

Monitor 3 - (top left) 
— Web browser with tabs for multiple sites. Usually Ancestry, FindMyPast. MyHeritage and

Monitor 4 - (top right) 
— A folder with digital images for the current research subjects, to verify I have correctly named files and that all downloaded files are attached to the ancestor(s) in question.
— Snagit Editor to add the citations to the expanded bottom border of an  photo or document image that I create in my genealogy software.

Whether it’s a Zoom Meeting or a Zoom Webinar, here’s what’s typically on each monitor:

Monitor 1 - (bottom left)
— Zoom in gallery view, resized to 3/4 of the screen 
— Zoom Chat dialog box nearly 1/4 of the screen
— Zoom Screen Share Control Bar with annotation options

Monitor 2 - (bottom right) 
— What I’m screen sharing to attendees. 
— Mouse pointer settings have been changed to very large and bright green.

Monitor 3 - (top left)
— Zoom Participant List
— Trello - our agenda for the meeting is on a card there. 
— Facebook - my back channel communication with Cousin Russ in case I get bumped from Zoom. 🤗
— I may also text Russ via cell. 
— A 3x3 inch browser with the 3rd party app Streamer.Center activated for CC in our Zoom Webinars. 

Monitor 4 - (top right) 
This is my testing area. 
— To verify my genealogy program is not open to living people before I drag it to my shared screen monitor.
— To preview new to me websites, shared by a new person in our Zoom event, to ensure it isn’t bogus.
— To look up things on another browser tab, say to Amazon for a book we just mentioned during the live chat.
— Word to take notes about what else to say so I won’t lose the thought.
— Lately, I’ve used Word to deconstruct a citation sample.

If you value the interactive genealogy education provided in DearMYRTLE webinars, please consider donating. THANK-YOU in advance.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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