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WACKY Wednesday: Julian, Gregorian and Other Calendars

We concluded it behooves 21st century family historians to observe differences in the adoption of the Gregorian from the Julian calendar. It varies by county, time period, whether the record is a civil record versus an ecclesiastical record.

Check your genealogy management program to see what data entry options are available. We discovered Family Tree Maker provides the option to indicate the specific calendar used when entering a date. RootsMagic considers anything not Gregorian an irregular date. We agreed it is important to enter the date as stated in the document, i.e. making an accurate word-for-word transcription. Cousin Russ mentions he puts in two event dates for his Quaker ancestors - Old Style (from the document transcription) and New Style (Gregorian). Be sure when looking at a record set to see if the front matter indicates what calendar was used.

Carol Petranek mentioned Greece did not adopt the Gregorian calendar until 1924, yet the calendar itself was first established in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII. 


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LINK TO YOUTUBE RECORDING: Mondays with Myrt - 21 Sept 2020

CHAT DIALOG (with links we mention) 

00:31:02 Frank Jatzek: Good Evening everone 00:31:24 carencay bowen: Good Evening from City of Baltimore, Maryland, USA 00:31:48 Cousin Russ: We thank Dr. Shelley Murphy for sponsoring our Closed Captioning service for the year. Her blog is found here: 00:32:14 Myra Lindgren: Good evening from Casper Wy.! 00:32:23 Betty-Lu Burton: Thank you Dr Shelly Murphy 00:32:40 Shelley Murphy: Hey there Betty-Lu! 00:33:09 Myra Lindgren: Almost always Windy - but no smog here! 00:33:59 Myra Lindgren: July? 00:34:51 Cousin Russ: THE QUAKER CALENDAR - Swarthmore 00:36:08 Betty-Lu Burton: The Quakers considered the names of the months and days of the weeks as blasphemy 00:37:17 Alice Allen: It would be April 00:37:29 Betty-Lu Burton: 4th month in 1801 would be April 00:37:51 Betty-Lu Burton: If it was before 1752 it would be July 00:38:07 Pat Jackson: didn’t the year start on March 25? 00:40:22 Myra Lindgren: Family search wiki 00:41:17 Betty-Lu Burton: That is why President George Washington has 2 different dates for his birthday. One from the Julian calendar and the other from the Gregorian calendar 00:41:56 Betty-Lu Burton: You can also go to Cyndi's list and look under calendars 00:42:45 Alice Allen: Maybe try Quaker Dating System 00:43:52 Betty-Lu Burton: That is why you need to somewhere in your notes state the actual date and then the current date 00:44:24 Cousin Russ: 00:45:47 Betty-Lu Burton: You will find a double year in the 1600's but they did name the month 00:48:32 Pat Jackson: my mom had a flight on 1/1/2000–brave woman, lol 00:50:20 Betty-Lu Burton: Also in the 1600's the civil government used one calendar and the Church used the other, thus causing the double dates 00:51:34 Myra Lindgren: Transcribe it with a notation afterwards 00:52:24 Betty-Lu Burton: That is when you need to translate to the current calendar and note that is what we did, listing the actual date and why and how you translated it 00:52:43 Carol Petranek: I run into this all the time, because the Greek Church in America did not adopt the Gregorian Calendar until 1924. I record both dates. Especially in marriages, there is one date in the church record and a different date in the church record. 00:54:26 Pat Jackson: use the modern date n the date field, with a note of the difference and why? 00:55:00 Shelley Murphy: @Carol Petranek I agree with putting both dates. 00:55:32 carencay bowen: He assumed 00:56:33 Carol Petranek: Whoops - one date in the church record and one date in the civil record 00:56:40 carencay bowen: Within Ancestry put the adjusted date and under the note area the older form and type of calendar 01:00:36 Carol Petranek: Pat, you can also add an Alternate Birth date with a notation that the alternate date is the Quaker or Julian or whatever calendar date 01:03:20 carencay bowen: I do 01:03:25 Frank Jatzek: here 01:03:27 Phillip Heavner: no 01:03:29 char Espo: yes 01:03:29 Sharon Morrissey: No 01:03:31 Betty-Lu Burton: no 01:03:32 Myra Lindgren: Nope 01:03:34 carencay bowen: its from the Jewish 01:03:36 Stephanie Vanderveer: no 01:03:39 Pat Jackson: no 01:03:45 Susan Jaycox: Polish 01:05:25 carencay bowen: ;yes they are 01:06:42 Cousin Russ: 01:07:37 carencay bowen: Click the link just above the chart 01:07:42 Betty-Lu Burton: I wonder if that is why I would occasionally see where the man only put the year down and not a day or month of birth. It seems many of them were from russia 01:07:59 Phillip Heavner: Finland was part of Sweden at one time, then came under Russian control until the early 20th century when it became independent. 01:08:41 Betty-Lu Burton: I meant to say in the WWI draft records 01:10:17 carencay bowen: USA had 3 different conversion periods 01:10:28 carencay bowen: USA is at the bottom 01:16:29 Sheri Snodgrass: Native Americans counted in new moons 01:19:05 Frank Jatzek: Maybe it changes with RM8 01:19:25 Shelley Murphy: Ancient Hawai’i I believe also used the Moon/Lunar way. 01:21:02 Cousin Russ: 01:24:10 Dave Robison: Steve Morse also has an explanation of double dates and many pages for a wide variety of calendars. 01:24:29 Carol Petranek: I attended a Steve Morse lecture at RootsTech a few years ago. He is indeed brilliant and an engaging presenter 01:24:39 Dave Robison: 01:26:11 Myra Lindgren: I understand Dr. Shelley! 01:27:38 Cousin Russ: FamilySearch Wiki: US Records Selection table - 01:28:14 Sheri Snodgrass: Ancestry has created a 1890 Collection list 01:28:14 Betty-Lu Burton: I am lucky in that many of my families lived in states with 1885 and 1895 state censuses 01:29:20 Sheri Snodgrass: Love this approach Dr Shelley!! 01:29:53 Myra Lindgren: I think of census records as being the bones of my research and every other record or text that I find fills in the rest...…….You are gradually filling in the rest of the person... 01:30:34 Betty-Lu Burton: I never thought about doing that. That is a good idea 01:32:22 Myra Lindgren: When I found out the 1890 veteran census was still around I found several families... 01:35:08 Cousin Russ: 01:36:10 carencay bowen: I feel sorry for future genealogist - there will be no city or phone directories 01:37:41 Flo Merritt: WOW, thank you. 01:38:34 Frank Jatzek: carencay: there will still be citymaps, it will be an archived Webpage of streetview 01:38:46 Shelley Murphy: Another note: consider to connect oral histories to the 1890 era as well. 01:39:44 Carol Petranek: Pat - has Bella returned? 01:39:54 Carol Petranek: Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! 01:40:12 carencay bowen: Thanks for the information

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