Wednesday, October 14, 2020

WACKY Wednesday - Database Sorting: Did they serve in the military?

Cousin Russ demonstrates a listing of US War dates with estimated ages of participants. He utilized Google to compiled a list of record sets in which to search for ancestors. Determining which ancestors is a matter of using a "filter" option in Family Tree Maker. He could specify a person living during the time of the war, and then gradually take each ancestor through the possible related databases.

You'll find Cousin Russ's post Color-coding and Civil War Soldiers blog post here.
We recommend using the Google Search to find where a specific record set may reside, depending on current contractual arrangements as these change over time.

DearMYRTLE used the RootsMagic-generated the "Who Was There List" as an alternative.

Surely your main-stream genealogy database program can be queried to find people who lived during the time period of a given war. TRY IT!
SPECIAL SEGMENT: Dr. Shelley Murphy discusses her full-time research with the University of Virginia's Memorial to Enslaved Laborers. She has identified over 500 individuals to date. See the video we explored here:

Or view the video here:

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