Thursday, January 28, 2021

MyHeritage: Genetic Groups — New User Interface Improvements

 NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following was just received from our friends at MyHeritage.

Re: Genetic Groups — New User Interface Improvements

"Last month, we announced the release of Genetic Groups: a long-awaited enhancement of MyHeritage DNA ethnicity results which accurately identifies ancestral origins with an incredibly high resolution of 2,114 geographic regions. This new feature gives users the chance to take a deep dive into their ancestral origins and discover the paths their ancestors traveled. Our users across the globe have been raving about Genetic Groups." Source: Genetic Groups - New User Interface Improvements by EstherMyHeritage Blog 27 Jan 2021, ( : viewed 28 Jan 2021.)

From today's email:

We are pleased to announce the release of the first set of improvements for Genetic Groups. They include the addition of a Timeline Widget that allows you to follow the migration pattern of a Genetic Group over time, as well as a more detailed, better organized Top Places section, where you can see where members of a Genetic Group have lived during a given time period.

These updates are available to any MyHeritage user who has access to their Genetic Groups, which are part of the DNA Ethnicity Estimate. This includes users who have purchased a MyHeritage DNA kit and those who have uploaded their DNA from another service and were grandfathered in, or paid the unlock fee to access MyHeritage’s advanced DNA features.

Genetic Groups is one of our most exciting new features, and the result of three years of hard work by our team. We continue to bring you new insights about your ancestors and help you make the most of your DNA ethnicity results. Stay tuned — there’s more great stuff coming soon!

Read more about these improvements on our blog.

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