Friday, January 15, 2021

US Civil War Records Online

As always, researchers do as much work with online digital record sets before visiting the US National Archives for files concerning their Union Civil War soldiers and sailors.

Using the example of Laurie Desmarias's ancestor, we crowd sourced ideas for beginning online research for a Union Civil War research. We began by asking attendees where they would go to find information, and of course, Cyndi's List came up first. 

For a quick study of an ancestor's service unit see the National Park Service's Soldiers and Sailors Database (CWSS) located here:

Cousin Russ suggests discovering everything you can about a record set, why it was created, how inclusive it may or may not be. Most websites have some about this record  with brief explanations. We are looking for enlistment, service, carded medical records, soldiers' pensions, widows' pensions to begin with, though most are in textural format at National Archives 1 in Washington, DC. Morning reports, frequently found at a state archives for state units, indicate if an individual presented for duty, was detailed elsewhere, was sick or AWOL.

Army hospital records are at the National Archives tell more about a soldier's confinement. See DearMYRTLE's Military: Carded Medical Records and Original Hospital Registers posted 2 June 2012. Be sure to see Marie Varrelman Melchiori, CG, CGL's notation about the arrangement of Regular Army versus Volunteer Army filing systems.

See also:

If you cannot view the embedded video on your device, use this link:

00:29:19 BJ Swan: Cyndi List
00:29:21 Myra Lindgren: I google …….
00:29:29 Melanie Hinds: FamilySearch wiki
00:29:43 Melanie Hinds: FB genealogy group
00:29:47 Sheri Snodgrass: FamilySearch wiki; Google;
00:29:57 Susan Bleimehl: Internet Archive and PERSI
00:30:01 Lori Martin: Cyndi's List; FamilySearch Wiki
00:42:09 carencay bowen: He was married and the wife out lived him and collected pension both were living in Wisconsin when collecting pension Wife name is Annie E
00:44:35 Susan Bleimehl: I found my CW vet Marriage certificate in his pension file.
01:03:31 Myra Lindgren: Been to Stones River! Not like going to Gettysburg, but am glad I went there. It was a good intro into Civil War Battlefields.
01:05:04 Susan Bleimehl: A neat FaceBook page is the National Museum of Civil War Medicine:
01:08:19 Sheri Snodgrass: Hubby's Iowa great-grandfather was reported AWOL - lots of interesting reading including bounty hunter reports
01:16:42 Susan Bleimehl: Is it Company K 1st US etc....?
01:20:50 Susan Bleimehl: I've found my ancestors Morning reports in the 50th Regiment WI Volunteers for the Company D among a 5 volume set of records for the 50th Regiment. So at least some are there.
01:22:15 Susan Bleimehl: This is at NARA.
01:23:48 Susan Bleimehl: Hand written in my Volumes
01:25:28 Melanie Hinds: Just found a book at Hathi Trust which is a history of the 46th Illinois veteran volunteer Infantry - the infantry that my husband's ancestor served in during the Civil War. Very cool!
01:32:15 Cousin Russ:
01:38:44 Susan Bleimehl: The 50th Reg WI Volunteers went to Fort Rice Dakota Terr to replace that 1st infantry made up of those POW soldiers in late 1865. He was a blacksmith and worked with the Quartermaster during his year of service.
01:41:18 Flo Merritt: Thank you everyone
01:41:49 Myra Lindgren: Have a great rest of the week everyone!
01:41:51 Susan Bleimehl: Fun evening thanks!
01:42:12 Maria Capaldi: Thank you!


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