Sunday, February 14, 2021

52 THINGS: Heart-Shaped Earrings with Thoughts About Department Stores

This week's addition to the old steamer trunk is archived in a red
jewelry box. The box itself wasn't inherited, but the contents are ancestral. The contents are just too small to place in the steamer trunk individually.

Myrt's mother and grandmother Frances Irene (Goering) Froman McDonnell each owned a pair of mid-century modern heart-shaped earrings made of ceramics, and edged in gold (shown above). They most likely purchased these at the downtown Frederick and Nelson's department store as it was the nearest to their homes on Perkins Lane and on Roy Street near Queen Anne Avenue in Seattle, Washington.

This week Myrt takes you through the process of crafting a different sort of journal - one with a 'w-shaped spine' rather than a sewn-in spine.
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