Sunday, February 21, 2021

52 THINGS: When is silverware not silver?

This week's addition to the old steamer trunk is a place setting of my grandmother Frances Irene (Goering) Froman McDonnell's silverware. The answer to the question "when is silverware not silver? appears in the accompanying journal.

This journal includes a fold-out mini floor plan of the apartment grandmother lived in for a few years after she and "Mike" A. McDonnell married. I explained that Mike had a twin named Pat, but their birth certificates and childhood US census enumerations listed them as Dana and Dale McDonnell.

I did a bit of thinking and realized that while our mother did not work, it was our full-time employed grandparents that typically invited us to dinner every week. We always loved the mysterious "big closet" with hat boxes on the top shelf above the clothing. Not many closets were the size of a small den in those days.

Two videos explain how this mini-journal was made:

If you cannot view the embedded video on your device, use this link:
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