Monday, February 01, 2021

Mondays with Myrt - 1 Feb 2021

We discuss the North Sea Flood of 1953 affecting primarily the Netherlands and the UK. We also mention the discovery of a long lost cache of photos, Battenberg Lace, and take an in-depth look at Centurial - evidence-based genealogy software.

It was an exciting day with Zoom permitting only panelist and phone connections to this morning's webinar to work. The problem has been reported and hopefully things will be fixed shortly.
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Selected Chat 
00:28:18 Cousin Russ: DearMYRTLE and Cousin Russ recognize the United Nations' International Decade for People of African Descent 2015-2024. We reach out to all regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation or national origin with support for researching family and documenting cultural inheritance.
00:28:57 Cousin Russ: DearMYRTLE's Facebook Group:
00:30:15 Cousin Russ: John recalls the flood in the Netherlands
00:40:43 Cousin Russ: FamilySearch: New Family History Library Webpage
00:44:31 Cousin Russ: This week's heirloom addition to the old steamer trunk! 52 THINGS: Battenberg Lace & Estelle Mae Phillips #genealogy
00:51:22 Cousin Russ:
00:56:26 Hilary Gadsby: The source panel is the citation
00:58:28 Hilary Gadsby: The claims panel is where you enter the information you get from the document
01:00:10 Hilary Gadsby: I have this on my computer but I have not explored it yet
01:01:29 Diana Smith: I see there is a free trial version in addition to the paid version (which is about $30 US a year). A trial version is a great way to test a program.
01:02:12 Frank Jatzek: the program is only limited by the amount of Sources you can add, no other feature
01:10:31 Randy Seaver: what does a person page look like after you have entered a number of sources?  How do you handle information that is not identical - like several birth date sources
01:11:11 Frank Jatzek: Randy: they are all listen under each other
01:11:42 Randy Seaver: Frank, so it's a "splitter" list instead of a conclusion "lumper" list
01:12:20 Frank Jatzek: lets see if Fouke can Show it up, but I can also
01:16:17 Randy Seaver: iDrive
01:21:45 Randy Seaver: What happens when a GEDCOM is imported?  Does it read all of the info and how does it handle the sources in the GEDCOM?
01:27:36 Frank Jatzek: as an authored source like a book
01:31:10 Hilary Gadsby: You could use it to work on one particular line as a project
01:32:29 Frank Jatzek: I have for example one Project to work on my Canadians and one for my mothers line
01:32:42 Randy Seaver: You're right, Hilary - it appears to be best used to start and work through a research project - takes each question you have and the records that answers the question,
01:33:26 Randy Seaver: You could bring it into your conclusion tree somehow - GEDCOM?
01:34:27 Diana Smith: I can see it for solving specific problems  - EXCELLENT idea for that.
01:34:58 Randy Seaver: only one person on the phone now!
01:38:08 Randy Seaver: don't we wish Ancestry and MH and FS could import the source in EE format
01:39:27 Randy Seaver: I'd need a yottabyte of memory...
01:40:04 Randy Seaver: and my own AWS server
01:45:29 Cousin Russ: Robbin mentions new book out on Jewish family from Netherlands and resources available there. The author is Herman Levi de Vries and the title is A Lost Family
01:45:40 Frank Jatzek: One Thing I wanted to add: you can even enter persons at a source that are NOT part of the tree but mentioned there, so you can add informants, and so on also!
01:47:47 Cousin Russ: UGA Professional Client Report Writing w/ Kelly Summers, AG
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01:51:26 Cousin Russ: DearMYRTLE's Blog:
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01:52:43 Cousin Russ: Vital Events 101: by Diana Crisman Smith

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