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Mondays with Myrt - 15 Feb 2021

Mondays with Myrt is a spontaneous collaboration over topics that interest panelists and attendees alike. We viewed the Internet Archive's Twitter feed to find a video about how they scan books - cool tool, eh? 

Randy Seaver shared a 1751 Massachusetts probate record that spanned various changes of "tenor" over time. We demoed live how to use Google to discover the definition of tenor together with middle tenor and new tenor. See Randy's post here:

IMAGE: Library of Congress website Old tenor into lawful money https://www.loc.gov/resource/rbpe.03500100/

We toured L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site, through the magic of Google Maps, with a little help from David Hopper, attendee. He writes "L'Anse Aux Meadow was discovered based on descriptions in the Norse Sagas and then following along to find similar beach features. The archaeologist went ashore and asked if there were any odd mounds in the area. The locals said "Oh, you mean the Indian Mounds?" And thus it was discovered."

That reminded Ol' Myrt of a similar finding portrayed in the move The Dig.

IMAGE: Official Poster for The Dig, Source (WP:NFCC#4) Fair Use

If you can not view the embedded video on your device, use this link: https://youtu.be/q7DBLH81bQs

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00:25:54 Sheri Snodgrass: Hello from chilly Iowa!
00:26:03 Flo Merritt: Hello from rainy Oregon
00:26:38 carencay bowen: Hello from Chilly City of Baltimore, Maryland, USA
00:26:39 Melissa Barker: Hello Everyone! Expecting 6-8 inches of snow here in Tennessee! Temps at 14 degrees. Tennesseans don't do snow very well!
00:26:43 Hilary Gadsby: It is much warmer here today
00:26:55 Michelle Grant: Hello from -14 Nebraska
00:26:55 Patricia Jackson: hi from Kentucky, 2” so far on top of last week’s ice.
00:27:33 Frances Dielmann: Hello from Oberursel, Germany
00:27:48 Frances Dielmann: I see the spotlights
00:27:59 Judy Sova: see all
00:28:34 Barbara Gressel: Hi from Springfield, MO where it is -3 degrees and snow.
00:29:52 Dave Robison: Heat wave in Massachusetts! It's almost up to the freezing point!! I can open the windows now.
00:30:04 Frank Jatzek: I do this every Zoom
00:30:37 Melissa Barker: Love Internet Archive!
00:30:41 Cousin Russ: Internet Archive's Twitter post about how they scan books https://twitter.com/internetarchive/status/1358090982189719552
00:31:29 carencay bowen: iPhone has an app that turns it into a scanner
00:31:34 Melissa Barker: Yes but we do have a wonderful set up that was given to us as a gift with a camera that we are using for digitization. Thank You!
00:31:42 Frank Jatzek: we had one that looked almost the same, but that's a first for me to see a plate coming down on the book
00:31:56 Frances Stein: Nice that the original books don't have to be destroyed to do the scanning!
00:32:51 Frank Jatzek: 80k Pound in what time? That must have been a lot of money
00:39:54 Frank Jatzek: remembers me a bit on how Germany changed from reichs mark all the way to euro
00:40:49 Hilary Gadsby: I remember when we changed to decimals in the UK
00:41:31 Randy Seaver: Frank, 8000 pounds in 1750 converts to about 1100 pounds in 1751, so about 1/7 change
00:42:58 Cousin Russ: Old tenor into lawful money https://www.loc.gov/resource/rbpe.03500100/
00:44:22 Randy Seaver: Using Google you can find a bunch of photos of paper money and coins from the colonial times.
00:44:26 Sheri Snodgrass: Parents visited Czechoslovakia in 1985 and traveled to France, Germany, Switzerland - all the money exchanging was interesting - they said it was most common for retailers to have multiple cash drawers rather than do the exchange.
00:45:28 Kirsten Hart: Old Scottish inventories sometimes show both Pounds Sterling and Pounds Scots, and when talking about land they used merks.
00:45:55 Hilary Gadsby: We thought we had problems with things that no longer exist but at least our currency didn't change until 50 years ago
00:46:15 Randy Seaver: I still have French francs and German marks from the 1970s and 1980s.  My kids will find it when they empty the house.
00:47:17 Betty-Lu Burton: Hello from a cold, snowy Arkansas. My internet does not like the cold
00:47:41 Randy Seaver: The only cash I've used this past year has been birthday gifts for the grandkids.  I use cards for everything.
00:48:05 Hilary Gadsby: Lots of people have changed to using cards here now
00:48:12 Frank Jatzek: Randy: I have a Collection of a lot old east German Money to Show around at my moms place, since my nieces and nephews gets interested in east German history
00:48:43 carencay bowen: I went to Safeway that had no cash for change and the ATM was out of cash
00:48:52 Hilary Gadsby: I have not used much cash recently almost entirely paid by card
00:50:37 Betty-Lu Burton: I have an extra account and since I am not able to go shopping. I give that to who is going shopping. I have control over how much money is in it
00:50:39 Sheri Snodgrass: Only cash I've been using is bills in the car to give tips for those who deliver curbside.
00:50:43 Lianne Kruger: Happy Birthday !!
00:51:01 Patricia Jackson: only cash I have used is car wash, their card machine has been out of order
00:51:09 Randy Seaver: It's my grandson Logan's 15th birthday today too - I sent him cash - he has a bank account
00:51:14 Lianne Kruger: Good idea and point Dave
00:52:14 Patricia Jackson: I send checks to grandkids, probably irritating for them, but I still send paper greeting cards
00:53:36 Frank Jatzek: Checks are something no German would understand today
00:53:42 Marian Koalski: I’ve heard only thank-your for sending the youngsters checks. Somehow they cope.
00:54:31 Hilary Gadsby: They wanted to do away with cheques here but have not done so yet
00:55:21 Maria Capaldi: That is the problem with all of the younger generation!!
00:55:25 Marian Koalski: I like to use checks to subscribe to companies like Ancestry that like to auto-renew our charges.
00:56:01 carencay bowen: Financial Awareness is already part of the middle / jr high and high school curriculum
00:56:11 Hilary Gadsby: My son still has his first cheque book
00:56:20 Betty-Lu Burton: the problem is the skills required to write a check are taught in about 3rd grade when the kids have no idea what a check is for even in the old days
00:56:27 Maria Capaldi: Yes!! Overdrafts killer!
00:56:32 Jeanne Courval: Oh, I remember those days, it was an emotional time when you didn't know if those checks were going to clear or not!
00:56:36 Cousin Russ: Liv Birgit Christensen - so that we can look at the pictures when talking about it. Link to the picture: https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=2961274150815766&set=gm.2804306916491614
00:56:57 Maria Capaldi: WOW, amazing
00:56:59 Launa Droescher: a loan officer told me 40 pulse years ago they wanted everyone to use credit cards only
00:57:51 Frank Jatzek: Live: did you tied to run Picture restoration Software like Vivid Pix or Myheritage on it?
00:57:55 Frank Jatzek: *tried
00:58:31 Judy Sova: People on FB Random Acts of Photo Restoration have been helping me with some photos, cleaning them up, etc.  in one case, they even eliminated the person in the middle of the shots and put the others side by side.  they’re miracle workers!
00:59:23 Frank Jatzek: Judy: might you Hand us a link to that Group? Sounds interesting
01:00:08 Betty-Lu Burton: I think it was Newfoundland
01:00:13 Barbara Gressel: New Foundland?
01:00:13 David Hopper: Vineland. Labrador and Newfoundland
01:00:54 David Hopper: The historic site is called L'Anse aux Meadow. Fascinating site.
01:01:31 David Hopper: Upper western peninsula.
01:02:55 Betty-Lu Burton: Well at was a major sea road
01:05:26 Sheri Snodgrass: My mom always said you only have to go back to Noah's family
01:06:06 Lisa Constanti: Yes that's in the county next to me
01:06:27 Barbara Gressel: That is a wonderful movie.  I recommend it!
01:06:48 David Hopper: L'Anse Aux Meadow was discovered based on descriptions in the Norse Sagas and then following along to find similar beach features. The archaeologist went ashore and asked if there were any odd mounds in the area. The locals said "Oh, you mean the Indian Mounds?" And thus it was discovered.
01:07:12 Cathy Naborowski: Also recommend the movie. Really interesting.
01:07:26 Betty-Lu Burton: I watch a program on YouTube called 'Time Team' and they go and do archeology all over the UK. It is amazing the different things they can use to find the sites
01:09:22 David Hopper: And right across the strait is a place called Red Bay. It was a Basque whaling settlement discovered by Thelma Huxley. 
01:09:25 Maria Tegtmeier: Sarah Parak has a few Ted Talk's about finding lost civilizations using satellites. https://www.ted.com/talks/sarah_parcak_hunting_for_peru_s_lost_civilizations_with_satellites?language=en

01:11:45 Cousin Russ: This week's installment is ready! 52 THINGS: Heart-Shaped Earrings with Thoughts About Department Stores https://blog.dearmyrtle.com/2021/02/52-things-heart-shaped-earrings-with.html
01:14:53 carencay bowen: I remember  Robinson department store  with the lunch counter
01:15:00 Betty-Lu Burton: i guess you could say a Department store is a fancy, wal-mart
01:15:28 Randy Seaver: Sears have closed everything here...a COVID vax center is in the Chula Vista Sears building at the mall.
01:15:46 Sheri Snodgrass: Will be like our excitement about reading the old Sears, Roebucks catalogs
01:16:24 carencay bowen: Remember Pic N Save / the five and dime stores
01:16:25 Patricia Jackson: I made a point of taking my son to the department store in Dayton OH that I grew up with, shortly before it closed and was demolished
01:16:48 carencay bowen: Thrifts Drug Store with the Ice Cream counter
01:17:20 Maria Tegtmeier: Being from a small town we loved looking through the Old Department Store Catalogs.  We LOVED looking through the thick department Catalogs at Christmas time.  It was magical.
01:17:33 Cyndy Bray: Myrt- Don't know if you might be interested, but We R Memory Keepers makes a great little book binding tool that is easy to use and great fun
01:17:44 Lisa Constanti: There have also been similar job losses at Selfridges and Harrods and our Debenhams stores have been acquired by Boohoo - likely to shut flagship stores and make it online
01:18:10 carencay bowen: my stores were in California - San Fernando Valley
01:18:24 Hilary Gadsby: Department stores are disappearing over here
01:18:34 Judy Sova: department stores traditionally carried soft goods and hard goods.
01:18:41 Jeanne Courval: When I first came to NYC in early 1980's, Macy's 34th street, they had a coffee bar in the mezzanine.  It was heavenly.
01:18:51 Pat Kuhn: Lit Brothers Candy department was my favorite!
01:19:00 Frank Jatzek: I think the closest Thing to your Department stores here in Berlin would be the Kaufhaus des Westens, but it is very luxury now
01:19:11 Dave Robison: The largest mall here in Western Mass is being re-purposed as a vaccination center. Huge crowds due to poor planning.
01:19:21 Sheri Snodgrass: Here in the Midwest it was Younkers
01:19:25 Maria Capaldi: Woolworths 5+10
01:19:54 Jeanne Courval: When I was in Bangkok years ago, they had the most amazing department stores.  I hope they are still there.
01:22:35 Judy Sova: Detroit had Hudson’s which was bought by Macy’s they tore down the beautiful flagship store in Downtown Detroit.
01:23:55 Randy Seaver: My grandfather Lyle Carringer worked 55 years at San Diegos first department store - Marstons.  Started as a "cash boy" in 1905 at age 14 and ended up being an Auditor. All cash of course.
01:24:57 Jeanne Courval: You should take  a folding chair because I have heard the lines can be so long and waits can really long.
01:25:34 carencay bowen: sales ladies knew our names and held items for us with being asked because they new our styles and colors
01:25:38 Maria Capaldi: And Gloves to boot!
01:25:38 Randy Seaver: We were in and out of the COVID center in 45 minutes.  Had to sit for 15 minutes after the shot.
01:25:57 Jeanne Courval: ooh, lucky you!!
01:26:24 Dave Robison: In the mid 60s, I was pumping gas at a local gas station. The owner had set up a charge plate system. It contained the customer's name and an account number...a 3 digital account number!
01:26:38 Dave Robison: ...a 3 digit account number
01:27:35 Doris Haskell: Filene’s Bargain Basement
01:28:07 Lianne Kruger: West Edmonton Mall
01:28:29 Jeanne Courval: Yes, Filene's main store in Boston was amazing.  I got my wedding dress there in 1989 in the basement.
01:28:48 Betty: I've been to the West Edmonton Mall when it was the largest
01:28:51 carencay bowen: did you mean Filene's Basement  and remember Loehmann
01:28:55 Launa Droescher: in 1960 want  to department  store of material for making clothing. boy was that a treat
01:29:18 Lianne Kruger: Has a full ice rink, a replica of the Santa Maria, Mini golf course, amusement park, and a water park all in the mall. It is 8 blocks long and 4 blocks wide,
01:29:22 Betty: I think we ordered fabric from Sear's catalog
01:29:36 Doris Haskell: It hasn’t really changed. Some people are just trying to exploit it.
01:29:55 Betty-Lu Burton: I think it now just a day to remember/celebrate all the presidents
01:30:10 Jeanne Courval: Actually, I read recently that it is supposed to Washington's Birthday, but colloquially got changed to Presidents' Day.
01:30:16 Lianne Kruger: It is Family Day here in Canada
01:30:22 Jeanne Courval: That was because of Nixon and the oil crisis
01:30:43 Leah Smith: Now Honors all former Presidents, I think.  Someone even posted a photo of DRT with a Happy Presidents' Day message.
01:30:59 Doris Haskell: Lincoln is Feb 12th and Washington is Feb 22nd and mine is Feb 19th.
01:31:04 carencay bowen: the marketing group were probably trying not to focus on President in other counties
01:31:20 Jeanne Courval: I believe it is supposed to me Washingtin's birthday because not every state celebrated Lincoln's birthday.
01:32:04 Lianne Kruger: Scanning them in, have a backup and it is online. Shared with family members as well
01:32:28 Maria Capaldi: Beautiful
01:32:32 Jeanne Courval: Yes, birth
01:35:24 Lianne Kruger: I have letters from 1800s that I have carefully scanned in, transcribed and uploaded them to online to share them with family and as a 3rd backup
01:36:23 Betty: Baptism & marriage certificates of Mom & grandparents in sheet protectors in the safety deposit box for now.
01:37:16 Randy Seaver: I have what I've found digitized and many are in a special book in sheet protectors.
01:37:30 Lianne Kruger: I have them in plastic folders (acid free) in a binder
01:37:40 Betty: 150 year old letters donated to county History Museum.  Encapsulated and stored in fire protected equipment.
01:38:03 Melissa Barker: The most important part of preserving our documents is to story them in a cool, dark and dry place. Temperature and humidity fluctuations will destroy our records.
01:38:30 Lianne Kruger: This is great!
01:39:02 Melissa Barker: Yes, held together by static electricity.
01:39:23 Lianne Kruger: Thanks
01:39:42 Cousin Russ: https://www.my-history.co.uk/acatalog/Acid-Free_Storage_Boxes_and_Envelopes.html
01:39:44 Dave Robison: I have some mid 19th century deeds for our church. They had them in a drawer I insisted that I should put them in archival sleeves which I did. But now they don't know where to store them! They're on my shelf in my office...
01:40:29 Barbara Gressel: I have my grandmother's beautiful nightgown.  She was so tiny.
01:40:41 Lianne Kruger: Thank you!
01:40:42 Jeanne Courval: What about painting, or art work.  My mother and her painting class went to places in back country in San Diego County.  Some of the farms and houses now are gone.  They are meaningful to me, but not to my daughter and later not so much.
01:40:43 Flo Merritt: Thank you
01:40:44 Lianne Kruger: Good luck
01:40:44 Betty: Thank You!
01:40:51 Frank Jatzek: thank you myrt
01:41:16 Maria Capaldi: Always Do!!
01:41:34 Maria Capaldi: Thank you!

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