Monday, February 22, 2021

Mondays with Myrt - 22 Feb 2021

Owing to Covid-19 restrictions, the Family History Library is closed and we cannot meet there. Usually on the Monday before RootsTech, we broadcast live from the Library interviewing early arriving genealogists about their current research projects. Instead we met virtually. Everyone was amazed by "Relatives at RootsTech" an option to find common ancestors with others who have added to the one big tree at FamilySearch.

If you cannot view the embedded video on your device, use this link:

Selected Chat
00:21:47 Flo Merritt: Happy Monday from Oregon
00:21:54 Betty-Lu Burton: Are you sure 2 hours will be enough to cover RootsTech
00:22:01 Patricia Jackson: Hi from Kentucky!
00:22:14 John Boeren: hello everybody, greetings from sunny Netherlands
00:22:30 Michael Nier: Hello from Bradenton, Florida.
00:22:31 Cousin Russ: Dave - raise your hand, please
00:22:35 Betty-Lu Burton: Hello from a warmer Arkansas, We still have snow on the ground and it stopped snowing Thursday
00:22:38 Frank Jatzek: Hello everyone greetings from Germany
00:22:56 Michael Nier: Not snowing here.
00:23:03 Sheri Snodgrass: Hello from sunny and warmer Iowa - got 3" yesterday, but 40s today!!
00:23:09 Linda Stufflebean: Good morning from Tucson, Arizona. Almost 80 degrees here today.
00:23:10 Cousin Russ: Linda Freeto - do you have a question ?
00:23:16 Michelle Grant: Hello from Omaha, NE. We got more snow yesterday.
00:23:18 Maria Capaldi: Hello Everyone!!
00:23:31 Maria Capaldi: Snowing in Pa., again!
00:23:38 Randy Seaver: It was 80F here in Chula Vista yesterday
00:23:40 Mary Lou Gravatt: Hi from Cloudy and raining New Jersey.
00:23:40 Jenny Hawran: Hello from Connecticut. A little more snow and rain expected later today.
00:24:18 Cousin Russ: Maria - do you have a question ?
00:24:37 Maria Capaldi: No I lowered my hand
00:24:55 Maria Capaldi: lol
00:25:13 Sheri Snodgrass: Been playing with Relatives at RootsTech - found someone else with my maiden name - very rare - Katzer.
00:25:42 Hilary Gadsby: It has been Sunny and warm today but rain forecast tomorrow
00:25:53 Patricia Jackson: this will be my first Roots Tech, very exciting
00:25:55 Linda Freeto: Hi, Everyone. Linda here from Waco, Texas. Yes, we have had a very difficult time this past week and a half. The sun is shining and the temp. are going warmer. 
00:25:56 Randy Seaver: I don't see a Hand ico...where is it?
00:26:32 Cousin Russ: Debbie - do you have a question ?
00:26:35 Frances Dielmann: Hello from Oberursel, Germany. I cannot figure out how to get to Relatives at Rootstech.
00:26:44 Patricia Jackson: I have hand on iPad

DearMYRTLE and Cousin Russ recognize the United Nations' International Decade for People of African Descent 2015-2024. We reach out to all regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation or national origin with support for researching family and documenting cultural inheritance.

00:27:20 Maria Capaldi: The problem is the hand is right next to the chat bubble....
00:27:20 Randy Seaver: Relatives at RootsTech link is through
00:27:32 Frank Jatzek: Frances: go to
00:27:38 Randy Seaver: you have to use your FamilySearch login
00:27:45 Maria Capaldi: Excellent
00:28:36 Frances Dielmann: Thank you. Now I seem to have 14,284 Relatives at Rootstech.
00:28:47 Hilary Gadsby: I had to work on one of my cousin connections as it was a bit mixed up
00:28:53 Jenny Hawran: I'm related to a lot of the panel :) Dear Myrtle 10th cousins, Randy is 8th cousin, Dave is 10th cousins
00:29:14 Michelle Grant: I am registered and looking forward to attending virtually.
00:30:02 carencay bowen: FYI -- till 0228  Have you taken a DNA test with another testing service? Now's your chance to upload your DNA data to MyHeritage and get access to all advanced DNA features for free — for a limited time only!
00:30:43 David Hopper: where vdo you find the wschedule
00:31:41 Cousin Russ: PREPARE for RootsTech Connect (it's THIS week!)
00:32:05 Randy Seaver: It's useful to watch a YouTube video -
00:32:14 Ann Staley: If you go to

then go to about the 12 minute mark, he is previewing what the website is going to be looking like.
00:32:16 Maria Capaldi: Cousin Russ we are possible 10th Cousin 2x removed!
00:32:34 Cousin Russ: Yes, Maria -- got it
00:32:57 Sheri Snodgrass: Dave Robison - we're potentially 9th cousins 1x removed
00:33:22 Hilary Gadsby: When you log in to the website it will give you times in your time zone
00:33:40 Marian Koalski: Didn’t Ladysmith sing with Paul Simon on one of his albums?
00:34:13 Hilary Gadsby: Yes in South Africa
00:34:43 Cyndy Bray: Will they not be using the App?
00:34:45 Michael Nier: Saw them live at Wolf Trap about 10 years ago. Excellent.
00:34:54 Betty: I wish the session list was a writable/fill-in PDF!  I don't currently have a working printer.
00:37:39 Hilary Gadsby: Your dashboard will default to your computer's language
00:37:57 Frank Jatzek: Monta: in the Video from FamilySearch they showed how, next to every session there is a plus to put it on the Playlist
00:39:11 Betty-Lu Burton: It seems they will not have up and running the ability to make a playlist until Tuesday or Wednesday
00:39:12 Marian Koalski: Betty, can you print to a text or PDF file that you can mark up?
00:40:26 Marian Koalski: Betty, maybe you could select the text, copy it, and then paste it into a Word or other word processor?
00:40:32 Hilary Gadsby: At least some of the classes are recorded in different languages other than English but there will be translations into other languages

00:45:56 Hilary Gadsby: I have 1 confirmed cousin. My closest is a 3rd cousin in Virginia
00:46:11 Randy Seaver: I have 33,700 relatives now.  My guess is about 50% of the links are correct especially further back than 6th cousins
00:46:44 carencay bowen: I have Zero and my profile is on FamilySearch
00:46:51 Betty-Lu Burton: My new Italian/French cousin is registered. He is my 5th cousin
00:46:57 Frank Jatzek: Betsey: don't worry, me too
00:46:57 June Butka: 31,501 Randy has more.
00:47:01 Jenny Hawran: You beat me, Randy, I only have 21,599
00:47:05 John Boeren: I found an 8th cousin in Belgium, long line with Boeren family members... and saw photo's of them
00:47:06 Hilary Gadsby: I have 364 with 106 in Utah
00:47:23 Diana Smith: almost 17,000 - only ONE so far that I have verified my links all the way up to the common ancestor.
00:47:28 Randy Seaver: my closest relative is a 4th cousin 1x removed.  David Rencher is a 5th cousin 2x removed
00:47:40 Frank Jatzek: Amanda: the new Website is not up yet
00:48:02 Jenny Hawran: Me too! 8th cousins
00:48:04 Sheri Snodgrass: I'm at 18,737 - adding about 300+ every 8-10 hours.
00:48:23 Dave Robison: I'm up to 23,678 "close" relatives so far!
00:48:23 Jenny Hawran: 8th cousins with David Rencher
00:48:38 Cousin Russ:
00:48:55 Hilary Gadsby: David Rencher is my 13th cousin once removed
00:49:04 Randy Seaver: I am a 9th cousin 1x removed to DearMYRTLE - common ancestors of Edward and Rebecca (--?--) Bangs od Cape cod
00:49:18 Jenny Hawran: and Steve Rockwell from Family Search is 8th cousin
00:49:47 Patricia Jackson: I am up to 23,856
00:49:55 June Butka: Just Checked I'm related to David Rencher 8C1R
00:49:59 Maria Capaldi: I am as well to David R 9th Cousin 2x removed, how about that!
00:50:03 Frank Jatzek: Myrt: you have some from Germany^^
00:50:09 Randy Seaver: I posted a "how-to" for Relatives at RootsTech in

00:51:40 Hilary Gadsby: Steve rockwood is my 10th cousin
00:51:59 Jenny Hawran: Diana, you and I are 8th cousins. Fosters
00:51:59 Maria Capaldi: Diana we are also 10th Cousin 1x removed
00:53:04 Jenny Hawran: Hilary you and I are 13th cousins. Is that a thing? LOL
00:53:21 Sheri Snodgrass: Diana - we are 10C1R as well
00:53:37 Dave Robison: This morning I sent an email to a 5th cousin just to see if I could get a response. I've checked hi line against mine and it seems to be accurate.
00:53:49 Betty-Lu Burton: just found an answer to a question we had. We knew My 3rd great-grandmother was married before she married my 3rd great grandfather. There is a cousin listed through my 3rd great grandmother's son from the first marriage
00:54:23 Jenny Hawran: Sounds like we are all having a family reunion right here during DearMyrtle
00:54:23 Hilary Gadsby: Some of mine are really good on my side
00:55:12 June Butka: Cousin via Orman line  7C2R
00:55:54 Sheri Snodgrass: Found a connection not through this Relatives list - but the surname match on the phone app - which shows people with grandparents with the same surname.
00:55:59 Michelle Grant: I like this feature. I have 300 relatives attending. They are 5th-7th generations once and twice removed. My tree on Family Search is not as filled out like my Ancestry tree is. Should I fill it or mirror my Ancestry tree?
00:56:01 Randy Seaver: I am Diana's 10th cousin - common ancestors of Joseph Hilley/Holloway and Rose Allen.  Barack Obama is my cousin through them too
00:56:08 Louis Kessler: Jonny Perl and I share DNA, but we don't know how we're related.
00:56:57 Hilary Gadsby: Jenny lots of uncertain ancestors I am only sure up to Richard Toomer
00:57:21 Randy Seaver: Monta - in the upper left corner of the chart screen is the relationship in small print.  also on the Friend list.
00:59:02 Jenny Hawran: Hilary, yes, many on this line are not confirmed for me either.
00:59:45 June Butka: I found that I had the early 1800 people in my trees, but need more research from their down to the suggested "cousin." 
01:00:04 Maria Capaldi: yes
01:00:37 Randy Seaver: my name on the app is randyseaver1
01:01:04 Patricia Jackson: I don’t see Russ either, we are 5C1R
01:01:10 Danine Cozzens: russ is cousin russ
01:01:14 Maria Capaldi: I found him by, Cousin Russ
01:01:19 John Boeren: most of my American cousins are through a wrong connection :(
01:01:23 Danine Cozzens: we are 11th cousins, hahah
01:02:19 Renee Voegele: Cousin Russ is my 11th cousin.
01:02:25 Frances Dielmann: Randy might be my 8th cousin 1 removed.
01:02:28 Maria Capaldi: Yes we are connected to Randy 11thC1x removed
01:02:56 Michael Nier: I am a Higgins, also. Birth name.
01:03:41 Cousin Russ: Bev - do you have a question ?
01:23:04 Dave Robison: When Karen and I live stream the Sunday church service, it's already on Facebook but we upload it to YouTube. If the music is under copyright, we get a notice but we're never blocked.

01:23:26 DearMYRTLE . PREPARE for RootsTech Connect (it's THIS week!)

01:24:10 Diana Smith: Jane Butka - found you. Interesting connection!
01:24:25 Diana Smith: Sheri Snodgrass - haven't found you yet.
01:25:29 Robbin Smith: I Have 4 relatives showing up
01:25:29 June Butka: Danine Cozzens I'm good to Clement Bates, Not sure above that to your line.
01:26:26 Diana Smith: Jenny Hawran - you connect through my Orman line too!
01:26:33 Cousin Russ:
01:26:36 Sheri Snodgrass: @Diana - I may be listed as Sheri S - have a help ticket opened about issues with my account
01:27:15 Jenny Hawran: Yes, Diana, I see that!
01:27:24 Maria Capaldi: It can be difficult, esp. when I go down a rabbit hole!! lol
01:27:30 Louis Kessler: Closed captions:  "When I go to roof deck"
01:27:46 Frank Jatzek: Linda: sure, when he has a tree on familysearch! You can however look op the last Name too
01:27:48 Diana Smith: Sheri - found you - through my Miner line back to Walter Palmer
01:27:51 June Butka: Diana Smith I don't see a Snobgrass on the link I found.
01:28:22 Maria Capaldi: lol
01:28:26 Sheri Snodgrass: @Diana - Snodgrass is married name - Katzer and Coffin are parent's surnames
01:29:08 Diana Smith: Jane Butka, try Sheri S
01:29:33 June Butka: June Butka found Dheri S.
01:30:27 Sheri Snodgrass: @June - 9th cousins
01:31:04 Diana Smith: I think I found all who mentioned being cousins - mostly on my maternal side - yay.  I've marked you all as FRIENDS so I can go back and look after this chat.
01:31:05 Cousin Russ: You are invited to Myrt's RootsTech After-Party, Saturday, Feb 27, 2021 05:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada). Register in advance for this meeting: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
01:31:19 June Butka: I'm hoping to making the after party. Something came up unexpectedly. 
01:31:55 Barbara Christensen: Wow, 3 relatives in China!
01:32:37 June Butka: Can we watch from the audience
01:33:50 Maria Capaldi: looking forward to it my first one with you
01:34:23 Maria Capaldi: That would be cool
01:34:31 Sheri Snodgrass: Ask if you can get a recording of his voice to use :-)
01:34:32 Randy Seaver: will there be dessert?
01:34:36 June Butka: Thank you.
01:34:58 Maria Capaldi: yum!!!
01:35:20 Hilary Gadsby: I will be eating before the party as it will be midnight here
01:36:50 Maria Capaldi: wow
01:37:45 Frank Jatzek: I would lov if we could print the whole Connections so People like Randy could check the whole Connections after Rootstech

01:39:52 Louis Kessler: Great tip!.  I've just added it as an Edge Add-on:

01:41:59 Maria Capaldi: Just added it to my chrome, ty
01:42:53 Betty-Lu Burton: Cousin Russ we are related through the Thomas Ridgeway Line I com e through Elizabeth and you come through Ann Pharo
01:45:21 Sheri Snodgrass: I have made some great connections on MyHeritage due to European cousins posting there.
01:45:56 June Butka: Direct line and children tree for six generations. Unless married in families are related as well don't following them is recommended.
01:47:47 Cousin Russ: Search for "Genealogy in a Minute" on Extreme Genes
01:48:59 June Butka: Found you Betty-Lu
01:49:08 Diana Smith: Wonder if I can sign up for that offer now - hoping I will get my DNA results soon, but don't have them yet.
01:49:38 John Boeren: Diana, I think you have to upload the DNA results this week... you cannot make reservations
01:49:52 Diana Smith: :<
01:50:49 Sheri Snodgrass: I have found some cousins with the surname search on the app that I did not find on the Relatives search - the surname is in their trees.
01:52:11 Maria Capaldi: so cute!
01:52:16 Frank Jatzek: Biggest Advantage: entering a Name in Hebrew for example makes it possible to be found with the americanised spelling too
01:56:56 Cousin Russ: Delaware County Genealogy
01:57:55 Maria Capaldi: love it
01:58:23 Randy Seaver: Is that the bridge that Nathan Dylan Goodwin wrote about in his book on Chester Creek Murders?
01:58:42 Frank Jatzek: a lot of such fences can still be found in eastern europe
02:01:43 Judy Sova: no sound
02:02:41 Judy Sova: cc is on,  it the sound cut out abruptly as Pat was speaking
02:02:49 Judy Sova: but not it
02:03:06 Betty-Lu Burton: I have sound and can hear Pay
02:03:41 June Butka: Have a great day. Hugs to all.
02:04:10 Judy Sova: switched from headset. good now.
02:06:56 Robbin Smith: ok gotta go
02:10:55 Frances Dielmann: I would love to save this chat but don’t see a button for that.
02:11:47 Sheri Snodgrass: @frances - you can grab a copy & paste into a doc.
02:11:47 Cousin Russ: Sorry, no way for you to Save the Chat --- Frances -- perhaps Myrt will put some of the links when the Video is made available
02:12:52 Maria Capaldi: me
02:12:52 Michael Nier: Cell only.
02:12:59 Frances Dielmann: Thanks, Cousin Russ.
02:13:09 Betty-Lu Burton: cell only
02:13:10 Melanie Hinds: cell only
02:13:11 Janet Iles: only landline
02:13:12 Judy Sova: Ll long gone
02:13:13 Linda Freeto: I use only my cell phone.
02:13:15 Linda Stufflebean: Landline. Cell service is spotty at our house.
02:13:17 Sue Tolbert: cell only
02:13:26 Jenny Hawran: Yes. Still have a landline.
02:13:27 Frank Jatzek: Landline over the Internet
02:13:34 Barbara Christensen: I have both
02:13:40 Sally Smith: only landline
02:13:49 Randy Seaver: Have to go to open my CVGS Zoom meeting
02:13:52 Frances Dielmann: In Germany landline and cell, but hardly use the landline
02:14:09 Louis Kessler: We have a landline and only give our cellphone number to close family.
02:14:12 Stephanie Vanderveer: I still have a land line because I refuse to give my ex my cell number. Not that he has ever called the kids, the youngest is almost 18 and I can ditch it soon.
02:14:31 Doris Haskell: No more landline for us. Some people have to have a landline if they have a pacemaker.
02:14:49 Patricia Jackson: I gave up landline, but cell doesn’t have good reception in house :-(
02:16:00 Frances Dielmann: Thanks so much for publishing the highlighted chat. Today had so much good info.

DearMYRTLE's A Less Obvious Benefit of FamilySearch Family Tree and The Mustard and Ketchup Incident 
More over, each daughter has distinct memories of family events, and other memories they have in common. Just ask about the incident involving squeezable mustard and ketchup containers. Each daughter's take on a family event will vary owing to age and personality differences.

Adding to this, my grandchildren will have uploaded their memories to my combined profile, and my FSFT profile will become something we can barely imagine as the first generation to use the combined assets of the FamilySearch Family Tree. A more robust profile than I could have created myself.

Fast forward 80 years and because of my 4-way combined FamilySearch profile, my 3rd great-grandchildren will know a lot more about me than I know of any of my 3rd great-grandparents.

Kinda cool, isn’t it?

02:17:27 Hilary Gadsby: I found something added as a memory for someone else that included the name of my ancestor.

02:18:45 Cousin Russ: 52 THINGS: When is silverware not silver?

02:19:02 Frank Jatzek: If I had only done my direct line I would have never discovered my Canadian relatives
02:19:42 Frances Dielmann: Just bought the kindle of Chester Creek Murders.
02:19:52 Cousin Russ:
02:20:48 Cousin Russ:
02:20:53 Frances Dielmann: 11C1R to Miz Myrt (??)
02:21:34 Louis Kessler: Jennie Fairs
02:21:37 Sally Smith: Pat, just discovered you're my 8th cousin once removed.
02:23:00 Maria Capaldi: Yes I heard the same!!Thank you always learn here!!
02:23:17 Linda Freeto: Thank you for a fun webinar. Have a great week. Linda Waco Texas.
02:23:17 Michael Nier: Thank you.
02:23:25 Frances Dielmann: Thank you!
02:23:38 Cousin Russ: Do you have a question Donna ?

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