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Mondays with Myrt - 8 Feb 2021

Today during Mondays with Myrt we answer the age-old question "Where is Red Deer, Alberta, Canada?"  Lianne Kruger reports Red Deer is the 4th largest city of the province; the principle occupation is farming; and there is the North West Mounted police fort there.

Randy Seaver showed the new MyHeritage Photo Restoration feature

We discussed the Genealogical Proof Standard #44 Evidence Reliability "GPS #44 EVIDENCE RELIABILITY Genealogists recognize that any seemingly relevant evidence item may be proved reliable or not reliable. They understand that unreliable information may be useful, for example, to follow as a clue, explain an error, or resolve conflicting evidence." See: Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG), Genealogy Standards 2nd Edition (Washington, DC: 2019, BCG) p26. Book available in Kindle and paperback format at (Non-affiliate link.)

Hilary Gadsby's blog post about an incorrect derivative record

Judy Sova: Myrt, you're right.  Between Google, Alexa, and Siri, we don't have to wonder about anything.  We can get the answer!

Barbara Gressel: I love the tombstones in my Canadian research.  Most of the wives are laid to rest using their maiden names.  Sometimes naming their father. Makes us ALL jealous!

Maria Tegtmeier:  What a great Idea to laminate the chart! Evidence Analysis Process Chart

Maria Capaldi: Thank you! I always learn something!!!

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00:38:12 June Butka: Afternoon my dear friends.
00:38:36 Flo Merritt: Happy Monday to All from Oregon
00:38:59 Maria Capaldi: Hello Everyone!! Yes we can
00:39:08 Karin Robinson: Hello all from Florida.
00:39:17 Barbara Christensen: She is fantastic!
00:39:18 Michael Nier: Hello from Sunny and Warm Bradenton.
00:39:26 Karin Robinson: She is so special.
00:39:29 Barbara Christensen: Hi from Granite Bay, CA
00:39:35 Frank Jatzek: Didn't she already had a Wonderful talk at Biden's Inauguration?
00:39:41 Sheri Snodgrass: Hello from snowy Iowa
00:39:48 Lianne Kruger: Hello from extreme cold Alberta
00:39:54 Lianne Kruger: Yes she did Frank
00:40:06 Cyndy Bray: For only 22 years old this young woman has the wisdom of the ages
00:40:28 Michael Nier: yes, Frank, she did. She also spoke at the US Super Bowl yesterday.
00:40:55 Myra Lindgren: good morning from Wyoming-overcast here and cold!
00:42:07 Maria Capaldi: that is awesome Maria T Good Luck!!! WTG!
00:42:14 Cousin Russ: MyHeritage Photo Restoration feature - blog post is
00:42:59 Laila: Tom Brady is said to have Norwegian/Scandinavian ancestors! :D
00:44:43 Frank Jatzek: 1st amazing how far a Phono can be enhanced
00:45:02 Frank Jatzek: *photo
00:47:09 Frank Jatzek: It almost looks unreal when you compare them, eh?
00:47:59 June Butka: I'm doing a daily "Love in Full color" photos until Valentine's Day using MyHeritage.
00:48:38 Maria Capaldi: Such wonderful photo's Randy!
00:48:45 Frank Jatzek: June: do you have them online somewhere?
00:49:33 June Butka: I've used both together.
00:50:47 Doris Haskell: How long does it take to do one?
00:51:06 Frank Jatzek: Doris: it is already done
00:51:29 June Butka: Click the enhance feature for the current photo
00:52:03 Frank Jatzek: enhance seems to be a sharpening tool
00:52:09 Maria Capaldi: Yes
00:52:33 June Butka: I love the profile photos they add.
00:53:28 Maria Capaldi: It really is!
00:54:24 Frank Jatzek: I think you still Need an account, but no subscription
00:56:30 Patricia Jackson: Hi from Kentucky
00:56:44 Hilary Gadsby: It has been snowing here this afternoon
00:56:44 Lianne Kruger: We are at -40C which is the same as -40F
00:57:03 Lianne Kruger: That is the temperature right now during the day not at night
00:57:10 Frank Jatzek: -40C...where are you Lianne?
00:57:13 Sheri Snodgrass: @Lianne - I think you are the winner
00:57:35 Doris Haskell: Hi from Rock Springs, Wyoming, where it’s a breezy 32 degrees with sunny skies.
00:57:37 Frank Jatzek: we are at -8C that's around 18F
00:57:48 Maria Capaldi: Where are you @Dave?
00:57:54 Lianne Kruger: Red Deer Alberta
00:58:21 Judy Sova: Hi from Michigan where it's 4 degree with wind chill
00:58:24 Michael Nier: Bradenton, Florida (Warm here)
00:58:27 Cyndy Bray: Newman California
00:58:27 Kirsten Hart: A dusting of snow in Brighton and Hove (England)
00:58:40 Myra Lindgren: Casper wy
00:58:44 Launa Droescher: hi in utah
00:58:56 Jenny Hawran: balmy 25 degrees here in CT we had an additional 3 inches of snow yesterday on top of the 15 inches we already had
00:58:59 Maria Capaldi: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
00:59:13 Barbara Gressel: From very chilly Springfield, MO.  ICE coming!
00:59:38 Angie Menne: In Memphis TN
00:59:50 Myra Lindgren: Swedish here and English
01:00:20 June Butka: I like the Jeep ad "In the Middle."
01:00:39 Lianne Kruger: No I am at -40 not Frank
01:00:54 Lianne Kruger: Half way between Calgary and Edmonton
01:01:00 David McDonald: Madison, Wisconsin
01:01:18 Kathleen Daetsch: We are at 25 degrees in NCY
01:01:50 Lianne Kruger: Most of Alberta is in an extreme cold weather warning
01:01:59 Lianne Kruger: That is where  I am from
01:02:10 Randy Seaver: Chula Vista California ... a big little city of 250K near San Diego
01:02:38 Frank Jatzek: I remember FIREBALL as a Search Engine
01:02:44 Judy Sova: Myrtle, you're right.  Between Google, Alexa, and Siri, we don't have to wonder about anything.  We can get the answer!
01:03:28 Lianne Kruger: Good for you!  Calgary Stampede is a lot of fun!! Love the chuck wagon races
01:03:44 Lianne Kruger: Farming
01:04:17 Lianne Kruger: North West Mounted police fort here
01:04:31 Lianne Kruger: we are the 4th largest city of the province
01:04:31 Cousin Russ:,_Alberta
01:06:10 Lianne Kruger: My weather app says -38C not -27C  We warmed up to -38
01:06:30 Michelle Grant: Hello everyone from Nebraska
01:08:02 David McDonald: Go Huskers!
01:10:27 Doris Haskell: Carlyle D. Smith signed as the informant for infant Zella Berenson. How could they be connected? He is her uncle, married to her mother’s sister.
01:11:34 Doris Haskell: The purpose of the original document was about the death of the infant.
01:12:20 Melinda Culpon: All information on the document except what it is supposed to be for is "secondary" information
01:13:06 Pat Mickel: Hi from Erie, Pa. 14F and sunny.
01:15:41 Cousin Russ: QuickLesson 17: The Evidence Analysis Process Map
01:16:39 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Can a death certificate not be BOTH primary and secondary?
01:17:36 David McDonald: Sheryl, yes, both...
01:17:48 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Thank you David.
01:18:26 Randy Seaver: A California birth certificate is a derviative, although official state record
01:19:04 David McDonald: Sheryl, the party in the record (the guy who died) that's primary; the information on the parents and their birthplace is secondary. Cause of death? Primary.
01:19:28 Doris Haskell: In a property transaction, the seller stated his name as one thing, and declared that his name had been changed from another name. He stated the court, location, date, volume and page of the name change.
01:21:08 Sheryl Whisenhunt: David, thank you for confirming my 'assumption'.
01:21:09 Lianne Kruger: This is great.  I had to go through and use this and know this in my BYU-Idaho FamilyHistory certificate courses
01:24:06 Maria Capaldi: It can be a bit confusing
01:24:44 Maria Capaldi: Thank you Dave
01:24:50 carencay bowen: Even when the hospital does the death certificate - its based on who gave the information to the hospital - not always the patient
01:24:55 Frank Jatzek: That's why it is important to have as much as sources for a claim as possible, eh?
01:25:46 Lianne Kruger: So right Frank
01:26:45 Myra Lindgren: I consider everything is in pencil and can be changed based on further research of that event....
01:27:06 Randy Seaver: We understand these issues a lot better after we've been "burned" by a record based on poor information.
01:28:57 Barbara Gressel: My ancestor changed his name from Henry Shriver to Henry Clark.  (Brick Wall)  He bought 243 acres under the name of Shriver but paid taxes on the same property under the name of Clark.  Clark gravestone, etc. . .
01:29:53 Randy Seaver: I have a death record for my 3rd great-grandfather who died in 1850, and the death cerifitcate I received said 1847 - because his age was "47" and the clerk didn't understand the record book.  The year was at the top of the page.  The age was next to the death day/month.
01:31:32 Frank Jatzek: One very important Source full of derivative Sources in Germany are the "Stammbuch der Familie" it is full of copied over Information from the official documents but stamped by the Offices and churches in Question.
01:32:26 Stephanie Vanderveer: I just found an obituary this morning that was under a nickname "Mame" (I knew the date and place) I searched last name only and found it. It listed all her family info. Same person. Her Find A Grave is her given name of Marietta along with every other bit of info.
01:32:39 Randy Seaver: How should I deal with this death date issue in my Mayflower Society application?
01:34:20 Melinda Culpon: I would be leary of ALL information on death certificates - just because EVEN the doctor (hospice-on call) may not have been involved - time of death -etc. are being provided by another INFORMANT
01:36:30 Hilary Gadsby: The blog about incorrect derivative record
01:37:33 David McDonald: I keep a file on hand for information needed "at that time." Filled out when not under stress.
01:38:31 Maria Capaldi: lol
01:39:35 Randy Seaver: that handwriting is pretty good compared to some I've seen from Germany
01:39:48 David McDonald: preach it, Randy
01:40:54 Frank Jatzek: Marian: my great great grandmother for example wanted to be called Frieda instead of her real Name Ida, thats why you only find official document under that Name while the Family ones use Frieda
01:41:29 Maria Capaldi: Amazing! Wow!!
01:41:50 Lianne Kruger: A good place to start
01:41:53 carencay bowen: I Wish my family had done that
01:42:09 Maria Capaldi: $$$$
01:42:22 Barbara Gressel: My husband accuses me of wanting a headstone like this!  Hahahaha
01:42:25 Lianne Kruger: lol
01:42:35 Flo Merritt: I plan to have a pedigree on my tombstone . I just haven't figured out which stone is best.
01:42:49 Randy Seaver: Please peovide a link to the Jardine stone...
01:43:11 Frank Jatzek:
01:43:22 Randy Seaver: thaks Frank
01:43:52 Sheri Snodgrass: Look past this stone at all the writing on other stones behind it.
01:44:05 Barbara Gressel: I love the tombstones in my Canadian research.  Most of the wives are laid to rest using their maiden names.  Sometimes naming their father.
01:44:29 Kathleen Daetsch: That is what I do
01:45:44 Kathleen Daetsch: This could have come from an old genealogy that wasn't very accurate.
01:46:19 Frank Jatzek: Barbara: here we write both names of the Woman..."Müller geborene (Born) Schmidt"
01:46:30 Michael Nier: I got into genealogy on a bet. My Dad was one of nine siblings. Each had numerous children. One of my cousins bet me $20 that I couldn’t name all of my first cousins (approximately 45 at that time). I won the bet, and the rest is history.
01:47:11 carencay bowen: sometime the information may not that a deceased woman was previous married and they use the 1st marriage's last name as maiden name and parents unknown
01:47:41 Maria Capaldi: Cool story Michael
01:48:47 Frank Jatzek: John: was this certificate in French or english? I have some relatives in Quebec, so might be interessting
01:50:20 Michael Nier: Thank you, Maria. I am now known, for better or worse, as the family historian.
01:50:40 Randy Seaver: I used the German Familienbuch when I did the ancestry of our County Supervisor for a CVGS program
01:55:51 Melinda Culpon: EXTREMELY important chart to know and understand!
01:55:53 Cousin Russ: QuickLesson 17: The Evidence Analysis Process Map
01:57:01 Maria Tegtmeier: what a great Idea to laminate the chart
01:59:46 Maria Tegtmeier: Direct does not always equal accuracy
02:02:04 Frank Jatzek: Linda: ok, that's strange
02:02:29 Randy Seaver: strange, but smart of the funeral home or cemetery
02:03:36 Maria Tegtmeier: what was Linda's comment?
02:03:36 Lianne Kruger: No
02:06:20 Maria Tegtmeier: negative evidence,  family immigrates, and their names never show up in local church records anymore
02:10:34 Kirsten Hart: If you have 3 potential candidates for a record and you have eliminated 2 of them. Is this negative evidence that the 3rd is the correct one?
02:11:19 Maria Tegtmeier: they did go to that church...then, there is passenger lists that showed they left.
02:11:30 Frank Jatzek: a clearer negative evidence would be 2 census records where the first recod showes more persons as the second...this is a negative evidence About the Question if one Person is part of that household. It however didn't says that Person died!
02:11:41 Frank Jatzek: *record
02:12:35 Kirsten Hart: Yes, I was thinking in terms of evidence, not proof.
02:13:32 Cathy Naborowski: udy Russell has a great webinar on Legacy - No No Nenette What Negative Evidence is and isn't
02:13:54 Randy Seaver: great suggestin Cathy!
02:14:05 Cousin Russ: QuickLesson 17: The Evidence Analysis Process Map
02:14:12 Flo Merritt: Thank you all!
02:14:23 Michael Nier: Thank you!
02:14:40 Jenny Hawran: Great discussion. Have a great day everyone.
02:15:07 Maria Capaldi: Randy had his hand raised
02:15:08 Patricia Jackson: I have previous (anniversary) edition
02:16:08 Angie Menne: I'm in Memphis
02:16:11 Lianne Kruger: Sounds like a great idea
02:17:08 Angie Menne: Thank you so much.
02:17:11 Maria Capaldi: Look forward to it, if I can't make it I will definitely watch it on YouTube!!
02:17:24 Sheri Snodgrass: Great discussion1!
02:17:28 Myra Lindgren: take care and stay well everyone!
02:17:29 Maria Capaldi: Thank you! I always learn something!!!
02:17:45 Cousin Russ: DearMYRTLE's Facebook Group:
02:17:47 Kirsten Hart: Thank you. Very interesting discussion.
02:17:48 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Thank you for a great day!

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