Wednesday, February 17, 2021

WACKY Wednesday - Microsoft Excel

Co-host Cousin Russ and blogger extraordinaire Randy Seaver join us to explain how they currently use Microsoft Excel in their family history research. This is a follow-on to Russ's presentation titled WACKY Wednesday: Evernote.

Find out more about Microsoft Excel here:

Cousin Russ's Link to Google Sheets for Ancestry DBID -

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0:45:51 Pat Jackson: Hi from Bardstown, KY
00:45:57 carencay bowen: Good Evening from Snowy to Rain Slush City of Baltimore, Maryland, USA
00:46:05 Betty-Lu Burton: When we do not go out it is hard to keep track of the day
00:46:35 Alice Allen: Reporting in from Vancouver WA
00:46:36 Betty-Lu Burton: Thank you Dr Shelly for the CC
00:46:39 Myra Lindgren: Good evening everyone!
00:46:47 Sheri Snodgrass: Thank you to all the sponsors!!
00:47:01 Maria Capaldi: Hi from a Snowy Pennsylvania 🌬⛄❄☃❄
00:47:27 DearMYRTLE .: WACKY Wednesday - Evernote with Cousin Russ
00:47:58 Betty-Lu Burton: Glad Google is behaving again
00:48:12 DearMYRTLE .: You bet, betty lou!
00:49:39 Betty-Lu Burton: Would the DBID remain the same If they go from browse only to fully indexed.
00:52:06 Cousin Russ: Thank you Dr. Shelley Murphy for underwriting our Closed Captioning service for the year.
00:52:14 Cousin Russ: Thank you Melinda Culpon for underwriting our Zoom Webinar account for 2020 and 2021.
00:53:25 Cousin Russ: Link to Google Sheets for Ancestry DBID -
00:53:31 Flo Merritt: Happy Wednesday!
01:09:38 Dave McDonald: Always glad when church records get their due respect.
01:10:42 Carol Petranek: Just tried it -- works great!!!
01:10:52 Melanie Hinds: Need to see another demo, please.
01:11:01 Sheri Snodgrass: No questions until I try to do it
01:11:01 Betty-Lu Burton: I am waiting to see Randy demonstrate it
01:11:11 Maria Capaldi: Fantastic

Randy Seaver's  Mining Hints by Specific Record Collection - The URL for this post is:

Randy Seaver's Changes to Mining Hints by Specific Record Collection -

Cousin Russ's Dear Randy: How Do You Search For Records on - My Take --

01:14:22 Maria Capaldi: Great step by step
01:15:11 Melanie Hinds: Maria, I agree. I appreciate step-by-step directions.
01:16:47 Shelley Murphy: Wow Randy! that is some serious cousin bait.
01:18:47 Betty-Lu Burton: So using this method you can gather all the hints in just one database by itself and you do not get distracted by the other databases with hints
01:21:34 Sheri Snodgrass: @ Betty-Lu - this used to be an Ancestry filter option - really miss it and so glad to now have a way to recreate this!
01:22:01 carencay bowen: this works great with the U.S., Freedman's Bank Records, 1865-1874
01:22:47 Shelley Murphy: @Carencay let’s do this on Friday!
01:23:14 Melanie Hinds: I like this method! Otherwise I feel like I am jumping around and lose my focus.
01:24:44 Shelley Murphy: @Melanie that’s how I feel a lot!
01:25:27 Betty-Lu Burton: This is like the method I am currently using with my Italian line. Only the Database is browse only so I went through it and gathered the surnames I am looking for. Now I am at the next phase and having some problems figuring out the best way to process the information 
01:26:05 Shelley Murphy: oh geez, I have over 40k hints that I have not looked at.
01:27:22 Shelley Murphy: oh I can probably get rid a lot of brick walls on ancestry using this method
01:27:36 Pat Jackson: this is great, I understand it now
01:28:15 Betty-Lu Burton: Pat I am with you I am beginning to understand how helpful this can be
01:30:03 Maria Capaldi: This I will re-watch and re-watch until I'm sure I understand it! Along with Randy's blog this will be totally awesome!!
01:30:05 Myra Lindgren: Just checked  - hints in my tree for my maiden name is 39,445
01:30:15 Pat Jackson: I’m afraid to look at how many hints I have! but I’ll be checking tomorrow for sure.
01:31:52 Betty-Lu Burton: Unfortunately the line I am currently working on would have very few hints, because the records for the area are not indexed and very few of them are even available to browse. One database on FamilySearch and one database on Ancestry
01:32:45 Cousin Russ: Thank you Melinda Culpon for underwriting our Zoom Webinar account for 2020 and 2021.
01:32:51 Cousin Russ: Thank you Dr. Shelley Murphy for underwriting our Closed Captioning service for the year.
01:32:59 Cousin Russ: Link to Google Sheets for Ancestry DBID -
01:33:26 Betty-Lu Burton: If you have the DBID could your not 'force' Ancestry to look for hints in that database?
01:33:57 Maria Capaldi: Thanks Dr. Shelley
01:35:07 Maria Capaldi: Thank you Melinda!
01:35:08 Shelby Bender: thank you. great info tonight.
01:37:26 Melinda Culpon: Still want to be Randy and Russ when I genealogy "grow up"
01:37:59 Maria Capaldi: Ditto That!!  Amen.....
01:38:40 Betty-Lu Burton: Agree Melinda
01:38:45 Sheri Snodgrass: So happy they share what works for them!!
01:39:00 Betty-Lu Burton: Or at least as organized in my thinking
01:39:59 Maria Capaldi: I am!!
01:40:11 Cousin Russ: Link to Google Sheets for Ancestry DBID -
01:41:35 Shelley Murphy: Is this link  for the Google Sheets for any of us to use?
01:41:48 Cousin Russ: Yes, Dr Shelly
01:41:59 Shelley Murphy: Thank you!
01:42:44 Randy Seaver: This tool is like qany other search tool you use - you have to learn the process and understand the results.  Then you execute and you're pretty efficient as you use it.  Pretty soon it's a daily tool and you are saving time and using your time effectively.
01:43:05 Melanie Hinds: Thank you all for the demos and comments. Think this will be a very useful tool for me.
01:43:40 Maria Capaldi: Thank you Russ and Randy very helpful!!!!!
01:43:48 Betty-Lu Burton: Thank you for sharing
01:43:50 Sheri Snodgrass: How do you determine then number of hints from the number of pages displayed?
01:43:58 Shelley Murphy: It’s wonderful…thank you for sharing this info…
01:44:20 Randy Seaver: The page count is at the top right of the list of results - multiply the page count by 20
01:44:21 Flo Merritt: Thank you!
01:44:21 Maria Capaldi: FYI if I have any questions I will contact one of you
01:44:33 Maria Capaldi: Thank you!!!!!
01:44:47 Sheri Snodgrass: Thank you - didn't think that through.
01:45:09 Maria Capaldi: Can you save chat for me please
01:45:51 Maria Capaldi: Thank you Myrt
01:46:06 Cousin Russ: Thank you Dr. Shelley Murphy for underwriting our Closed Captioning service for the year.
01:46:10 Flo Merritt: Happy Holidays All!
01:46:13 Pat Jackson: thank you!

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