Thursday, March 25, 2021

52 THINGS: Grandma Myrtle's 34K Medical Words Book (1913)

It is especially important to not only tell my grandchildren their great-grandmother Myrtle Eliza Weiser was a hospital-trained nurse, but to carefully preserve the old nursing school book titled 34000 Medical Words published in 1913. I found a clearly labeled old photograph titled "Nurses 1915 St. Mark's Hospital" with Myrtle on the far right. These two items back up the family story that Myrtle was trained as a nurse at St. Mark's.

Dr. Openshaw, not Dr. Oppenheimer, was the physician who noticed the possibility Myrtle had worn red lipstick the night before classes. He is also the physician who years after her graduation delivered Myrtle's three children.

Myrtle's first official nursing job was up in Idaho caring for a woman who had just had a baby. For $1 per week, Myrtle cooked, cleaned, did the laundry and cared for the woman's other children. It was difficult work with very poor pay, even for that time period.

Here's how I made this journal: NOTE: I wrapped the old book in acid-free tissue paper designed to work with leather covers of books such as our old family bibles.

My archival Hollinger boxes, L-sleeves and acid-free tissue paper all come from Gaylord. #NonAffiliateLink Gaylord Archival

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