Monday, March 08, 2021

52 THINGS: Ping Pong and Saving a Kitten


Once again, the crafting of this mini-journal focusing on one thing (a series of ping pong tournaments with my brother Mike Player) sparked an additional memory for Ol' Myrt. The latter involves rescuing a kitten from certain death due to a mishap with an old-fashioned clothes chute two floors above.

The link to the construction of the basic journal is found here:
DearMYRTLE is making these journals to document the family heirlooms she has inherited and share ancestral stories with her children and grandchildren. This video element is important since due to Covid-19 isolation restrictions, Myrt's family cannot come over to explore the old steamer trunk holding these treasures.
If you cannot view the embedded video on your device, use this link:
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