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ARCHIVED: Mondays with Myrt - 15 Mar 2021

What's this Mondays with Myrt live webinar? Most Mondays throughout the year, 5-10 panelists and a bunch of attendees gather to discuss and demo family history - news, events, websites, software, methodologies, citations, analysis, and archiving. "Whatever has come across our genea-desks in the last week or so. 

To get us started, John shared a photo from the 1950s where elderly people are voting, wearing traditional dress for their area in the Netherlands. He also explained that the word "patriotic" has a negative connotation in his county, harkening back to the world wars.

Gender identification is something England, Wales and Northern Ireland are wresting with when it comes to the 2021 census. We learned that Scotland is delaying until 2022 because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Of course, the F. A. N. Principle frequently comes into play - Friends, Associates and Neighbors. 

Randy Seaver's contribution is the ongoing saga of determining the maiden name of an ancestor. He is analyzing old letters, and is step-by-step fleshing out the family units.

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Selected Text and Links We Mention
00:16:18 Jenny Hawran: Hello from chilly Connecticut
00:16:21 Flo Merritt: Hello from Benton Co., Oregon
00:16:30 Michelle Grant: Hello from Omaha, NE
00:16:30 Maria Capaldi: Hi Everyone!
00:16:57 Sheri Snodgrass: Hello from chilly Central Iowa
00:16:59 Patricia Jackson: Hi from Kentucky
00:17:22 Nadine Guilbault: Hi from Wisconsin
00:17:37 Laila: Hi from Oslo Norway.
00:19:46 Nadine Guilbault: We eat lots of cheese in Wisconsin.   ( :
00:22:31 Molly McKinley: So interesting and a wonderful look as another nation's traditions.  I have Dutch ancestry.
00:22:59 Sheri Snodgrass: Shawl
00:23:36 Molly McKinley: My grandmother from Arkansas used a dressy apron to go to town.  She had a used one for working in the kitchen.
00:25:32 Kathleen Daetsch: Aren't aprons part of the national costume
00:25:39 Maria Capaldi: Love seeing these pictures @John thanks for sharing!
00:26:01 Marian Koalski: My mother used an apron when sitting and peeling vegetables, and often used the apron for holding the peeled results.
00:26:04 Kathleen Daetsch: yes
00:27:54 Kathleen Daetsch: My nephews wife wore a German wedding costume and it had an apron effect
00:28:20 Ann Staley: My mom made all of her aprons. I still have and use one that she made for me.
00:28:43 Myra Lindgren: Good morning everyone ....
00:28:50 Sheri Snodgrass: Yes
00:28:53 Kathleen Daetsch: I see it
00:28:58 Maria Capaldi: yes I see it
00:29:17 Susan Burns: I see it.
00:29:17 Myra Lindgren: I see it-
00:29:25 Mary Lou Gravatt: My mom made all of her aprons. Made smocked ones for gifts.
00:33:19 Kathleen Daetsch: I have mine popped out and can move it out of the way

IMAGE: Screen shot from BBC News, linked below.

00:34:53 Betty-Lu Burton: Good morning
00:36:03 Kathleen Daetsch: I have  a census record that recorded my grandfather as female
00:37:01 Kathleen Daetsch: I believe it has to be clarified.
00:37:09 Betty-Lu Burton: The way I see it should be addressed is there are 2 sexes, but many lifestyles and maybe now there need to be 2 questions one biological sex and lifestyle choice
00:39:02 Sheri Snodgrass: I have a friend with Native American ancestry and they recognize 5 genders.

See National Park Service, Series: Find Our Place: LGBTQ Heritage in the United States (home), (www.nps.gov : viewed 16 Mar 2021). 
00:39:37 Hazel Meldrum: The 2021 census for Scotland  has been delayed until 2022 so it will cause questions by our ancestors. [See: https://www.scotlandscensus.gov.uk/2022]
00:40:43 Hazel Meldrum: Yes that what they said
00:40:56 Kathleen Daetsch: I did that too
00:42:36 Maria Capaldi: yes a few
00:42:53 Maria Capaldi: his last one was great census tools.

IMAGE: Promo graphic from CensusTools.com

­­CensusTools Spreadsheet Templates for Census Data - https://www.censustools.com/

"Take a Look at CensusTools Spreadsheets and Templates" at Ed Thompson's Genealogy Software Showcase YouTube Channel.
00:43:41 Melanie Hinds: Yes - I caught most of last week’s and have viewed several of his previous videos. Lots of good information.
00:44:10 Maria Capaldi: I am thinking about getting them....
00:45:51 Maria Capaldi: lol
00:46:07 Betty-Lu Burton: I have used census tracker spreadsheets in the past, but right now I am working with my Italian line and there is no census available
00:47:48 Maria Capaldi: Awesome!!!!
00:47:52 Marian Koalski: Good—I’m curious about GoldieMay
00:48:03 John Boeren: Fouke Boss, from Centurial
00:48:44 Melanie Hinds: I have Goldie May and really like it so far. Find it helps in my research.
00:53:52 Kathleen Daetsch: my grandmother thought she was born in1899 when she sent to Ireland for her birth record to collect social security she found out she was born in 1898
00:54:20 Mary Lou Gravatt: The 1930 census my grandparents were at the bottom of the page and I finally found the children 7 pages over after a TB hospital index under the name of the last person listed at the hospital.
00:54:20 Betty-Lu Burton: my grandfather's family in one census is totally separated. Not only they were on 2 pages but the 2 pages were not in order and show up several pages apart
00:55:38 Cousin Russ: QuickLesson 11: Identity Problems and the Fan Principle. https://www.evidenceexplained.com/index.php/content/quicklesson-11-identity-problems-fan-principle
00:55:39 John Boeren: I used neighbors in a census to find the person I was looking for... His surname was Melvil, but he was indexed as Meboil.
00:58:00 Sheri Snodgrass: I've found maiden names that way - younger brother living with the new couple
00:58:21 Barry Wolff: I've found many instances where an immigrant ancestor's child married a nearby neighbors child of similar age.
01:00:15 David Hopper: Upper Michigan is full of copper. They could have worked in the copper industry.
01:00:26 Cousin Russ: Randy Seaver's "What is the maiden name for Ann Seaver 1807?" https://www.geneamusings.com/2021/03/what-is-maiden-name-of-ann-seaver-1807_10.html but need to start with Post 4
01:00:47 John Boeren: Tt is never a challenge in the Netherlands, women keep their own name!
01:02:05 Betty-Lu Burton: John Boeren I have found the same think in the Aosta [Italy] region records. That has been the main way I have been able to put those families together
01:03:19 John Boeren: @Betty-Lu, it is such a help if they don't take on the name of their husband!
01:03:57 John Boeren: thanks, Lianne :)
01:04:03 Betty-Lu Burton: Yes and I have yet to find any records where the woman took the husbands surname
01:04:46 Mary Lou Gravatt: I found the maiden name of my grandfather
01:06:06 Myra Lindgren: My step gma lied about her age so much she forgot how old she was. I found her in the 1900 census....
01:06:28 Betty-Lu Burton: John Boeren the frustrating part is when the records switched to Italian they translated the name to the Italian equivalent and I have to change my thinking on some of the names
01:06:32 Launa Droescher: after my father's death found address  book and started looking in Utah  city directories  to try to track the people
01:07:28 John Boeren: @Betty-Lu, we have that with (a) Catholic records where names are translated to more or less Latin equivalents and (b) a few years when we were part of the French empire and names, especially first names, were written in French
01:08:39 Mary Lou Gravatt: Sorry my message post to soon. I only knew the married name of my grandfather's second wife Viola. An entry in my mother journal that she took her mother see George Fowler who I knew was connected to my dad's family. My aunt told me that George was a brother to Viola. Finding that opened up an interesting story. Viola's mother was the granddaughter of my 3rd great-grandmother. To long of a story to post here.
01:08:47 Betty-Lu Burton: I just wished they kept the names the same and not translated them
01:10:18 John Boeren: @Betty-Lu I have an ancestor whose name was Heijliger (in English, that means: holier)... I could not find him in church books... until I found out that the priest translated his name to Sanctior (the Latin version of holier, or Heijliger)
01:10:59 Kathleen Daetsch: I connected my second great-grandmothers family with probate records.
01:12:11 Betty-Lu Burton: I have not found any that bad, my main one is Joseph or Josef in the French and Guisepppe in the Italian. I had to go back and look through the records again looking for a Joseph whose death record is listed as Guiseppe
01:12:30 John Boeren: @Jeanne Yes, even place names can be translated in Latin
01:13:16 John Boeren: @Betty-Lu Yes, like our Dutch Willem became Guillaume in the French era
01:13:50 Betty-Lu Burton: John thank you I have a Guillaume and did not know what it meant.

DearMYRTLE's 52 THINGS: Moclips, Agates and Jasper

01:15:16 Barry Wolff: So would the letters and/or blog posts be entered as source citations and the research conclusion be entered as a note for the fact in the tree?
01:17:30 Randy Seaver: Barry, I will add the letters to the media for Nathaniel and Ann in RootsMagic, and write a summary (perhaps with links to the blog posts) to the General Note for Nathaniel and Ann.
01:18:41 Randy Seaver: But I won't add the media to my Ancestry tree because they are really Patti's
01:19:45 Randy Seaver: I could write a Story for the Ancestry tree based on the blog posts.
01:21:14 Randy Seaver: and add sources for the letters and perhaps the summary blog post.
01:24:45 Sheri Snodgrass: found my family in Czech archives and the baptismal records were in a combination of Czech, German and Latin - really creative names
01:26:24 Myra Lindgren: When grandpa got married to Helen she put down “over 65 years”
01:26:47 Melanie Hinds: Just an FYI ——Legacy Family Tree is promoting their 24-hour genealogy webinar, which occurs in April with all presentations FREE! Register at : https://familytreewebinars.com/intermediate_page.php?diply_nm=24 .
01:31:02 Randy Seaver: this is why we need the descendants of our ancestors in our tree
01:31:21 Betty-Lu Burton: Aosta is in Northern Italy, but the stories I have heard basically says that France and Italy would go back and forth in claiming the area. As my 2 great-grandma said it just depended upon who came around to collect taxes that year. A cousin said he had heard the story that teacher would change between Italian and French from year to year
01:32:44 Maria Capaldi: I registered this morning for NERGC
01:33:19 Maria Capaldi: Also Registered NGS Family History
01:33:20 Flo Merritt: How Exciting!
01:36:20 Betty-Lu Burton: Another good meeting

DearMYRTLE and Cousin Russ recognize the United Nations' International Decade for People of African Descent 2015-2024. We reach out to all regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation or national origin with support for researching family and documenting cultural inheritance.

01:38:08 John Boeren: I am doing a Clubhouse session in the Family History UK club in 40 minutes :) [Clubhouse is a voice-only app for iPhones.]
01:38:21 Randy Seaver: I loved watching the WikiTree reveal of Katherine Willson's tree and the prelim for Myrt
01:38:30 Hilary Gadsby: I have been working on your tree
01:38:56 Maria Capaldi: And it should...lol
01:39:04 Maria Capaldi: ty Bye

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