Thursday, March 04, 2021

Mini-Myrt: WikiTree Workshop

This not-so-Mini-Myrt continues the series where we are exploring WikiTree to see how it would be useful to collaborate with other researchers.

Frank Jatzek discovered several useful documents:
  • Daniel Weiser and Dolly Yockey's 11 June 1840 Delaware County, Ohio marriage entry at
  • My Dad's cousin Rolland Weiser's SAR (Sons of American Revolution) application at SAR Membership application listing dolly at, indexed as Rolland George Heiser.
00:15:55 c bwn: Are there any DNA matches that prove match to family?
00:21:34 Frank Jatzek: I already found the original Sources for the earliest weissers... I mean I know where they are, in what archive
00:30:10 c bwn: What religious faith was the family?
00:41:03 Frank Jatzek: I found a 
01:01:15 Frank Jatzek: We got an A for Effort from Judy G Russel^^

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