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Mondays with Myrt - 1 March 2021 - #RootsTech Follow-Up

Well, last week's all-virtual RootsTech Connect caused quite a stir in the genea-sphere. This MwM provides insights from both attendees and exhibitors. My take away:

  • "Relatives at RootsTech" is a big hit. It is hoped that FamilySearch will not remove this as it is the single most talked about app, and it has motivated attendees to work through the proofs on those older generations.
  • Exhibitors needed more than a few days to set up their space. 
  • Exhibitors need tutoring on alternatives mentioned by Kathy Meade, the ArchivDigital rep. She's adept at using the space, but needed even more time. What about less capable exhibitors?
  • Most attendees using the chat option were frustrated, not realizing the presenter may be in a different time zone, and is unable to be there 24 hours a day during RT.
If you cannot view the embedded video on your device, use this link:
SD is replaced by HD and CC usually within the hour of upload.

00:15:34 Maria Capaldi: Hello Everyone!
00:15:48 Flo Merritt: Hello from sunny Oregon
00:15:56 Patricia Jackson: Hi from Kentucky. My first RootsTech!
00:16:10 Maria Capaldi: YEs I got my 1st Vaccine!!
00:16:13 Sheri Snodgrass: Sunny in Iowa as well.
00:16:15 Melinda Culpon: Morning from Texas!
00:16:37 Linda Stufflebean: I was way more tired sitting at the computer for hours compared to running around the Salt Palace.
00:17:04 Lindell: My first RootsTech and it was totally overwhelming but enjoyed a lot of the classes.
00:17:57 Myra Lindgren: clear in Wyoming and slightly warmer than 30degrees. didn’t listen to roots tech as I was moving back into the house.
00:18:17 Myra Lindgren: listened to 1-2 last night.
00:18:17 Marian Koalski: I’m most of the way through my list, and I feel like Randy. GoldieMay is interesting.
00:18:40 Lindell: I always love Thomas MacEntee and his party!!
00:19:06 Linda Stufflebean: Vendor response time was at least 30 minutes for those I tried to contact. Some didn't answer until the next day!
00:19:55 Michael Nier: Hello from sunny (and warm) Bradenton!
00:19:55 Sheri Snodgrass: Spent some time in the Expo Hall with some new apps
00:20:04 Jenny Hawran: Hello from cloudy Connecticut
00:20:46 Melinda Culpon: Went through all the expo hall - most new stuff was basically based on digital scrapbooking
00:21:11 Maria Capaldi: I didn't see this!
00:21:28 Linda Stufflebean: I am trying out Name & Place with a project about my ancestors from the village of Udol, Slovakia.
00:21:35 Judy Sova: I totally agree with Randy.  I never found chat room activity and the exhibit hall was not at all what I'd hoped for.  I'm also not sure why the relatives are only available till March 20.  If they can be available for that long, why not longer?
00:21:44 Michelle Grant: I liked creating a playlist to go back and view for one year. I did utilize the chat features. I liked that most of the sessions had handouts too.
00:22:18 Maria Capaldi: that looks awesome, I will be sure to check it out!!
00:22:24 Judy Sova: I do have a huge playlist and am glad I have a year to go through all of that.  That was the first thing I did.
00:22:44 Cousin Russ:

Randy Seaver's RootsTech Connect 2021 Genealogy Blog Compendium - Updated Http://
00:23:53 Maria Capaldi: I already copied the link, thank you Cousin Russ
00:24:05 Betty-Lu Burton: Good morning, running a little late
00:24:12 Judy Sova: I would've loved to have seen some panel discussions.
00:24:40 David Hopper: What happened to the various presentations about GEDCOM 7? Looks like a scorched earth approach to making the details disappear.
00:25:05 Linda Stufflebean: Thanks, Randy and Pat. It was tiring!
00:25:23 Maria Capaldi: He was wonderful!!!! I believe his name was Nick!!
00:25:24 Randy Seaver: Good question David!
00:25:41 Randy Seaver: Tried to watch the Gordon Clarke talk but gone
00:28:02 Maria Capaldi: Q-Do you know how long the Expo Hall will be open?        Thank you in advance.
00:28:08 Marian Koalski: I’m someone who feels overwhelmed by in-person exhibit halls—too much noise, walking, competition from other questioners.  So this was more interesting for me.
00:29:22 Maria Capaldi: Me too! lol
00:30:04 Melinda Culpon: Need to have people manning the chat rooms in expo hall (maybe designated booth times). SLIG is the only booth that even noted that I went into the booth.
00:30:24 Sheri Snodgrass: I was on Crista's daily recap - sounds like they are planning an intermediate/advanced videos on the Genealogy in a Minute.
00:30:38 Cousin Russ: CLUBHOUSE
00:30:46 Sheri Snodgrass: My Relative count went down today ??
00:31:48 carencay bowen: for clubhouse - u have to have iphone
00:31:50 John Boeren: still waiting for my invitation :(
00:31:58 Betty-Lu Burton: Bella Italian answered my question on chat and we did have a conversation but it took time
00:32:21 Jenny Hawran: John, I have an invitation if you want it.
00:32:32 Sheri Snodgrass: Just read article in Wired about Clubhouse:
00:32:33 John Boeren: @Jenny Yes please!
00:32:37 Barry Wolff: The exhibit videos were way too short. I didn't "get" what Bright Branches was really offering until just now...
00:32:42 Maria Capaldi: That has is how spent my few days sending emails to possible Cousin Connections as an Adoptee I found 3rd C + a few 4th C and confirmed it.
00:32:54 Jenny Hawran: I think we are friends on facebook, aren't we?
00:33:12 John Boeren: we sure are!
00:33:40 Jenny Hawran: I'm messaging you now
00:33:43 Maria Capaldi: Clubhouse is new too me, how about that.
00:34:22 Maria Capaldi: No.

00:34:26 Michael Nier: I have attended literally hundreds of various conferences/conventions/etc. over my professional career. Typically, I would sit thru a presentation, take notes, ask questions, in presentation after presentation, then log onto the internet when I got to my hotel room, or when I got home. With this setup, however, I found myself watching/listening to a presentation, then immediately going to the subject website to see/test/evaluate the product. Guess I’m a bit ADD, because I found myself spending much more time on the website than I did watching/listening to the description.

00:34:34 Randy Seaver: We have a LOT more UK genea-bloggers now and many are younger.
00:36:39 Cousin Russ:
00:37:18 Randy Seaver: looks like one of the best expo hall pages
00:37:56 Melinda Culpon: I LOVED Kathy's presentation and I don't have Swedish Ancestors
00:38:43 Maria Capaldi: Good! Because I really didn't spend time there....
00:39:21 Cousin Russ:
00:39:59 Myra Lindgren: I loved working on arkiv digital at the local history center...
00:41:20 Betty-Lu Burton: I did the opposite, I looked through the Expo Hall and will watch the sessions over time
00:41:56 Hilary Gadsby: Some of the exibitors have links to their websites
00:42:01 Sheri Snodgrass: @ Betty-Lu- same here - more time in Expo Hall
00:46:15 Judy Sova: There were a couple times when I could hear the keynote speaking in English in the background, but there was another language it was being translated into.  My language was English so that was a little strange, and it happened 2-3 times.
00:46:39 Sheri Snodgrass: Not all the vendor videos can be added to your playlist
00:47:25 Maria Capaldi:
00:47:53 Sheri Snodgrass: Found the app on the phone/tablet had an extra filter - Group by Ancestor - LOVED that!
00:48:12 Hilary Gadsby: I wonder if it goes down if someone corrects incorrectly connected individuals
00:48:31 Maria Capaldi: I did lots of screenshots!
00:48:39 Hilary Gadsby: I am creating a spreadsheet
00:49:02 Sheri Snodgrass: @Hillary that makes sense for a few but my dropped 2500 this morning
00:49:29 Maria Capaldi: I would be to but I am horrible at spreadsheets
00:49:48 Maria Capaldi: that is nice Diana!
00:49:57 Hilary Gadsby: I have 1330 and it is growing
00:50:11 Maria Capaldi: cool
00:50:44 Maria Capaldi: wow
00:51:06 Sheri Snodgrass: @Hilary - not the end of the world had 59,000+ so now 57,1793
00:51:51 Melinda Culpon: Was there a way to download those cousins into a CSV?
00:52:01 Hilary Gadsby: I have created something less complicated but I want to ensure my side is correct.
00:52:29 Judy Sova: Would like to see Hilary's version, too.
00:53:08 Maria Capaldi: I had someone from Spain
00:53:13 Hilary Gadsby: I got told a story about someone from one of mine
00:53:26 Sheri Snodgrass: Found my country list included people who were shown as from US
00:53:43 Patricia Jackson: agree
00:53:44 Randy Seaver: The list on the Relatives at RootsTech app (on Family Tree app)  is great!
00:54:12 Melinda Culpon: I was connected by 5th cousin trying to find connections
00:54:27 Hilary Gadsby: I have very few common ancestors most of them were Mormon pioneers
00:54:28 Melinda Culpon: contacted
00:55:19 Randy Seaver: The Ancestor lists goes down to 6th cousins for me.
00:55:36 Linda Stufflebean: Foreign Language RT Sessions - Be aware that some of the classes were apparently recorded WITHOUT closed caption option. Without CC, there is no subtitle translation. I followed the steps for one Swedish class, but no CC icon. I asked Tech support and got the reply about time when they were recorded.
00:55:56 Hilary Gadsby: I have mine down to 9th cousin
00:56:25 Pat Kuhn: how do you see the ones over the 300?
00:57:09 Maria Capaldi: That is how I found Cousin Russ
00:57:16 Hilary Gadsby: I have only entered 175 so far
00:57:24 Sheri Snodgrass: @Pat K - if you look by country - that reaches into those not in the 300 list
00:57:55 Randy Seaver: @Pat K - I was looking at the Family Tree mobile app with "Relatives at RootsTech"
00:58:09 Cyndy Bray: Guess I'm dense. I couldn't figure out how to see more than 300 either
00:58:35 Randy Seaver: @Cyndy - uyou could select by state for USA also to see more
00:58:37 Sheri Snodgrass: Display name
00:58:43 Maria Capaldi: Mine has gone up some to 27,974
00:59:05 Sheri Snodgrass: @Cyndy and in Canada can look by province
00:59:46 Sheri Snodgrass: I have a friend in a group on RelativeFinder and on the RootsTech list - and the paths are different between the two.
01:00:04 Hilary Gadsby: I have 379 just in Utah you can see just paternal or maternal
01:00:53 Randy Seaver: the message feature on Relatives at RootsTech uses the FamilySearch Mailbox feature
01:01:40 Doris Haskell: Relatives at RootsTech showed me an 11th cousin relative named Nicole Tapuala. She is my daughter. My husband and I are 10th cousins once removed, and they traced her up his line.
01:01:44 Sheri Snodgrass: Interesting - just lost another 30 - hopefully people are updating their tree connection
01:02:23 Doris Haskell: My other three children who registered all showed up as close family to me.
01:03:08 Cousin Russ:
01:03:21 Nadine Guilbault: I thought the whole Roots tech 2021 was confusing. It did not feel like a group. It felt like mass zoom lectures. I just did not find it fun.
01:03:34 Maria Capaldi: yes
01:04:18 Marian Koalski: janine
01:04:19 Maria Capaldi: I am here
01:04:48 Maria Capaldi: good idea Frances!
01:05:00 Patricia Jackson: my count is up today ... 71,263
01:08:12 Maria Capaldi: Q-Where do you find the ID, Diana? ty
01:08:27 Sheri Snodgrass: Did a refresh and the country list is now working properly
01:08:49 Maria Capaldi: Agree
01:09:06 Judy Sova: In your party, I met someone else from the Detroit area, and it turns out we have a mutual friend.  We're now FB friends.
01:09:37 Sheri Snodgrass: @Randy - I think the Group by Ancestor only looked at the 300
01:10:36 Randy Seaver: @Sheri thanks - you're probably right
01:11:12 Sheri Snodgrass: @Randy - I found you can select country and turn on the filter and then get into those other connections.
01:11:29 Randy Seaver: @Sheri good to know
01:14:50 Lindell: A LOT of your tech skills are way beyond mine at this time!
01:15:30 carencay bowen: Food videos were great
01:15:57 Randy Seaver: When I speak every CC is never 100% correct in English!
01:19:56 Betty-Lu Burton: RootsTech hopefully will go back and correct these things
01:20:57 Maria Tegtmeier: So fun to hear Swedish all the same.
01:21:02 Randy Seaver: it's a first world problem of course!
01:21:04 carencay bowen: Helping African Americans Trace Slaveholding Ancestors Using DNA
Andre Kearns Was "Slave Master Smyre" my ancestor?

Good research starts with a good question, and this was mine. My third great grandfather Henry Johnson was born enslaved in Lincoln County, North Carolina in the 1830s. My family's oral history identified his father only as “Master Smyre.” Who was this man? Was this true? How could I be sure?

African Americans face many challenges in advancing their family histories. One key challenge is successfully tracing back to slaveholding ancestors.  Many African Americans have European ancestry dating back to slavery, the result of offspring between white men and enslaved women. Lack of documentation has traditionally made it nearly impossible to trace these connections. 

Andre Kearns was in English and has CC that's in English.

01:23:11 Judy Sova: In spite of the issues I had with it, I'm very grateful that they chose to do a virtual event this year.  I've never been there and couldn't have afforded to go in person.
01:23:56 Maria Tegtmeier: With all the problems, it still felt like new and amazing bridges were made.   It was messy - but as there was so many things were learned and created. I did miss being there in person
01:24:22 Pat Kuhn: I have 1,682 relatives. All on my father’s side. 1 is his Fitzpatrick line, all the rest are VanBilliard.
01:24:28 Maria Capaldi: Q---How do you find ID of Potential Cousins? TY
01:25:20 Randy Seaver: @Frances - yes!!
01:26:32 Randy Seaver: @Maria - the ID is on the relatives list - both web page and mobile app.  The problem is people like me and Russ don't have our complete names.
01:27:01 Melinda Culpon: I missed COUSIN RUSS at Ancestry!!!
01:27:03 Maria Capaldi: Thank You Randy for answering!
01:27:07 Sheri Snodgrass: @ Francis if you use the option on the phone app to Connect by Last Name -in the three dots - it looks for  people who have that name in both trees.   The list displays your grandparent surnames, but you can change them.    I
01:27:26 Melinda Culpon: correction FTM for Cousin Russ
01:27:33 Sheri Snodgrass: I found people looking for my maiden name, but that is not their name today.
01:27:40 Betty-Lu Burton: Was there a time schedule that told you when the vendors and speakers would be on chat? my experience was I would put a question in the chat, but it would be a while until I got an answer back
01:27:58 Judy Sova: Agreed.  I just deleted it from the list.  I just had to trust that I'd looked at everything while compiling my list, and not worry about missing things.
01:30:15 Betty-Lu Burton: Is/was there a video or something that explained how to use the relative connect section? Like how to connect and where those messages can be found
01:32:02 Cousin Russ: Kathy - please raise your hand
01:33:19 Randy Seaver: @John @Kathy Did speakers get a count on how many attendees watched their presentation?
01:33:44 Hilary Gadsby: I heard that others had the same problem not getting any notification
01:34:05 Maria Tegtmeier: I think Kinga from Poland, was slow in responding because of different time zones. She eventually posted her email in the chat and explained, she could respond faster to the email than in the chat.
01:34:13 Cyndy Bray: Did get an answer from GoldieMay but not Ancestry in the Expo hall
01:35:22 Judy Sova: Listening to everyone talk about their presentations, I feel like I missed so much.
01:35:28 Patricia Jackson: I found you, cousin Sheri! of course I only knew your married name.
01:36:37 Randy Seaver: Miles Meyer said he had like 21 chat rooms to manage
01:37:37 Lindell: This is exhausting today!  Just like Roots Tech  :-)
01:38:39 Louis Kessler: No. Ed didn't have a booth this year.

01:42:16 Diana Smith: If you think we're cousins, email me at with your name on FamilySearch - or find me (I think it's Diana Crisman Smith) and message me!
01:42:42 Cousin Russ: We will be discussing Goldie Mae, the research assistant during this week's WACKY Wednesday
01:44:42 Deb Levinson: Yes, hybrid
01:45:40 Louis Kessler: Don't forget to check out the RootsTech Connect Family Photo.  See if you can find Randy or Me:
01:45:53 Robbin Smith: I agree hybrid
01:46:55 Diana Smith: It would help if they would show the length of each session before you started it.
01:46:59 carencay bowen: I would have like to have the full single instead of the break up of the topic
01:47:08 Robbin Smith: i missed the "tracks"
01:47:13 Randy Seaver: @louis I found me in the mosaic - just zoomed in and there I was.  I don't know if that is by login or IP address but cool.
01:47:35 Linda Jordan: I so agree, I only watched part of 2 days & used most of the time trying to find relatives. Part of that reason was because I knew I could watch later & not many sessions were live. however, in general I wouldn't have made it to SLC and it was pretty good. Of course there were glitches, but that happens.
01:48:08 Sheri Snodgrass: Carbon credits for reducing travel?
01:48:14 Maria Capaldi: Me too! I have and will enjoy it, b/c I would probably not make it to a Conference
01:48:15 Hilary Gadsby: By Saturday many are getting tired I know I went to lunch with friends rather than stay at the conference centre
01:48:22 Maria Capaldi: Thank you!!
01:48:25 Louis Kessler: @Randy:  Didn't work for me. You just might have just got lucky.
01:48:41 Flo Merritt: Thank you!
01:48:48 Michael Nier: Thank you.

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