Monday, March 08, 2021

Mondays with Myrt - 8 Mar 2021

We spend time exploring the wildly popular photo animation option at MyHeritage.
"Deep Nostalgia™: a groundbreaking new feature that allows you to animate the faces of your loved ones in still photos. This feature truly takes “bring your old family photos to life” to a whole new level — and it’s gone a new level of viral in turn!

Over 1 million photos were animated in the first 48 hours alone."

00:17:46 Cousin Russ: Deep Nostalgia from MyHeritage 

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Selected Comments

00:17:51 Flo Merritt: Happy Monday to all from Oregon
00:18:01 carencay bowen: Good Afternoon all from City of Baltimore, Maryland, USA
00:18:19 Sheri Snodgrass: Sunny and warm (almost 60) from Iowa
00:18:51 Myra Lindgren: Good morning from Wyoming!
00:19:07 Melinda Culpon: Morning from Texas!
00:19:26 Pam Wade: Hello from South Carolina.
00:19:36 Maria Capaldi: I do to find it a bit creepy and amazing at the same time!
00:19:54 Michelle Grant: Hi everyone from Omaha, NE. It is creepy for some but cool for others.
00:19:54 Sheri Snodgrass: I saw where someone had done Mona Lisa - and it was interesting - and a bit creepy
00:20:27 Frances Dielmann: Maybe ok wish for strangers, but I really don’t like this or the photo sharpener for people I know or knew.
00:20:37 carencay bowen: Its so creepy is the had been living and was active during your lifetime - but if you never got to meet then its more creepy
00:20:43 Sheila Benedict: Hello from central California
00:20:57 Myra Lindgren: Kind of like the haunted mansion in Disneyland with the pictures on the wall.....
00:21:24 Marian Koalski: Probably a portrait would be a good bet for this
00:22:07 Lori Martin: oops meant this to include attendees too:  I have tried it with several of my photos. And it is definitely creepy (like Disney's animatronic people) but also fascinating. I think it may be helpful in determining if two different photos are of the same person when one isn't sure.
00:22:39 Sheila Benedict: I am still looking for someone who can translate some Swedish documents
00:23:03 Judy Sova: I’ve loved the work they’ve done on Random Acts of Photo Restoration.
00:25:02 Michael Nier: Goth.
00:25:08 Danine Cozzens: It’s 1942 so they all reapplied their lipstick beforehand.
00:25:31 Sheila Benedict: I have an Amelia Earhardt search story from the people who were sent to an Island with Forensic canines to find out if her remains and that of her navigator were there. I had hired them to do work in the graveyard at the Mission where I worked.
00:25:58 Sheri Snodgrass: @Dave what a lovely picture!
00:26:01 Danine Cozzens: lipstick colors were more limited then
00:26:49 Sheila Benedict: Nice pic Dave
00:27:20 carencay bowen: sometimes women shared their lipstick
00:27:37 carencay bowen: the dark red was invented for black actress
00:28:03 Diana Smith: Most of my high school friends wore white (not frosted).  Darker colors were popular when my mom was young - which would be around the time of this picture.
00:28:42 Marian Koalski: I’ve gone back to a dark brown-red for the sake of Zooms with household lighting
00:28:58 Sheila Benedict: Never would I wear dark lipstick
00:31:45 Betty-Lu Burton: Randy it looks like you have a cauliflower ear from boxing matches
00:31:48 Lori Martin: Probably Olan Mills, Randy.
00:31:52 Maria Tegtmeier: How fun are these animated pictures! Super cool.
00:33:34 Cousin Russ: Geoff's collage of ancestors is in
00:35:57 Maria Tegtmeier: Pat - you are great example of being ethical and keeping the Genealogical standards. - Just because you can... doesn't mean you should.
00:36:24 Maria Capaldi: I agree Maria T
00:36:47 Maria Capaldi: yes
00:36:53 Sheila Benedict: Yes
00:37:05 Myra Lindgren: Yes
00:38:21 Betty-Lu Burton: It reminds me of the animated pictures in the Harry Potter movies
00:38:38 Lori Martin: Yup, Betty-Lu!
00:38:39 Patricia Jackson: hi from Kentucky
00:42:07 Marian Koalski: FG is what I use
00:42:16 Frank Jatzek: Dave: very interesting. Never had thought that you can tell this by the shape of a Headstone
00:42:23 Maria Tegtmeier: Interesting Dave - about the gravestone shapes.
00:42:25 Betty-Lu Burton: It would be interesting to see if any of the missing photos are tombs or are additional photos like obits and death certificates and recent pictures that might be under copyright
00:43:05 Myra Lindgren: I looked and didn’t  see that any of mine are missing. Don’t they
 Only allow 3?
00:44:07 Marian Koalski: Myra, I think they allow more, but only 3 will show up until a viewer asks for more (clicking something like “More phots”)
00:44:33 Myra Lindgren: Got it...
00:45:14 Maria Capaldi: That would be sad
00:45:42 Lori Martin: This past week, I found that the search wasn't working very well in Find A Grave. Would come up with no one in a search but when I looked in a cemetery, the person was there.
00:47:55 Louis Kessler: Question then:  How can companies like Ancestry and MyHeritage make newspaper obituaries available if they're all copyrighted? [NOTE from Myrt: Because of contractual arrangements.]
00:49:02 Hilary Gadsby: I have family with more than one photograph as there is information about others on different sides of the same stone
00:49:28 Marian Koalski: Often a single headstone will have different information on its various faces. I try to photograph all of them when possible.
00:50:01 Frank Jatzek: Louis: I bet due to contracts and when the Copyright is lifted and the record became PD
00:51:58 Marian Koalski: There are a limited number of newspapers in its own collections, like some years of the Weirton Daily Times(?).
00:51:59 Sheila Benedict: I pay more for the upgrade on
00:52:08 Flo Merritt: Ancestry and Find A Grave has been slower lately for me also.
00:52:32 Marian Koalski: Whoops. I should have said in “Ancestry’s own collections.”
00:52:53 Randy Seaver: There's a Fair Use case for any one obituary or photo.
00:53:22 Randy Seaver: whether on a newspaper site or Find a Gerave
00:53:45 Lori Martin: The photos I do for a grave on FG is one of the headstone, centered and legible; one of the back of the stone if there's anything on it; and I take one long shot with the grave showing among all the graves around it and the background landscape behind it (I know we have GPS, but I think it's nice for a descendant or family member to have a good idea of where the grave is located visually).
00:53:55 carencay bowen: Because to the time constraints on those contract - one should always say to desktop and to ancestry shoebox
00:53:59 Diana Smith: We added a photo on my grandfather's to show when the emblems had been stolen.

IMAGE: Screen shot from the Library of Congress Chronicling America Historical American Newspapers homepage.

00:54:20 Cousin Russ: ­­
00:54:42 Judy Sova: I wrote an obit for FAG and it does mention living family members.  should
00:54:53 Judy Sova: Should I take that out?
00:55:09 Randy Seaver: Kenneth Marks --
00:55:58 Judy Sova: FG.  Got it.  And I’ll remove names.  thanks so much.
00:56:05 Michael Nier: Another newspaper source. primarily New York and surrounding states.
00:57:09 Randy Seaver: Now he's compiling more than obits and newspapers - lots of different record types by state, region and entire company
00:57:25 Maria Capaldi: Yes!!!
00:57:41 Betty-Lu Burton: He is adding to his collections at times
00:58:09 Maria Capaldi: Can you call?
00:58:26 Maria Capaldi: no you are not.
00:58:52 Myra Lindgren: If you go slightly over for the vaccine you should still be ok.

00:58:52 Diana Smith: I never write a syllabus without including
00:59:11 Frank Jatzek: The amount of work that is in this list is enormous
00:59:39 Maria Capaldi: They are adorable, pups
00:59:48 Maria Capaldi: I see it
01:02:35 Randy Seaver:  RootsMagic does sources based on EE templates
01:02:42 Sheila Benedict: I use RT and Legacy
01:02:50 Patricia Jackson: FTM because I use a Mac
01:02:56 Maria Capaldi: FMT and RM
01:03:01 Jenny Hawran: I've used Family Tree Maker since the beginning and I just like the format and how it synchs with Ancestry.
01:03:05 Monta Lee Dakin: My cousin used it first, shared his info and then I got the same one:  family tree maker.  I've asked all my family to use FTM so we can be on the same page.
01:03:09 Randy Seaver: I like reports done by the old FTM and Legacy Family Tree
01:03:21 Pam Wade: RootsMagic
01:03:36 Sheri Snodgrass: Started with Family Origins and when I could not put in parents for a child without a marriage date I switched to FTM.
01:04:05 Sheila Benedict: RM not RT
01:05:04 Flo Merritt: Genealogy brother in law bought FTM for himself, then was not interested. He was  happy to give it to me. He thought it was silly that I was going all of my work on paper.
01:05:44 Betty: I loaded GRAMPS (free) just to use a fan-type chart they had, but I don't update it; I load a GEDCOM
01:05:46 Danine Cozzens: I’m tempted by FTM (Cousin Russ did a great guest shot that led me to join the California Genealogical Society) but currently re-evaluating my work in Reunion, which I know and which does great reports.
01:06:15 Randy Seaver: I make a GEDCOM file to upload a new copy of my RM database
01:06:44 Maria Tegtmeier: Someone I respect a lot - Rand Thurgood suggested using RootsMagic and so we got the software and I took some free classes at our FHL on how to use RootsMagic.  A fabulous neighbor of mine confirmed, it was a good choice.
01:06:47 Karen Looney: After beginning with PAF, I used Family Tree Maker for years.  I think I updated once.  About ten years ago, I bought a new laptop.  It didn't support my current FTM, so I had to get the latest FTM.  I hated it.  They had changed it so much.  I quit working in it.  A few years ago I switched to Legacy, Family Tree. I like it.  I also put my data on Ancestry.
01:07:06 Randy Seaver: I sync my RootsMagic data to Ancestry Member Tree every week, and once a year to MyHeritage.
01:07:45 Randy Seaver: I also match profiles between RM and FamilySearch Family Tree, and share profile data back and forth.
01:07:59 Michael Nier: Near the time when I first started documenting genealogy facts on Excel, I looked for a cheap program in Ebay. Cheapest was an older version of FTM. Snapped it up and haven't looked back.
01:08:32 Marian Koalski: I used PAF on a Mac from the late 1980s? To about 2003, when I switched to Reunion when a newer release of MacOS pushed me off PAF.
01:08:58 Maria Capaldi: ?
01:09:13 Marian Koalski: It has been a very good move for me, to get more modern features, like specific source citations attached to facts/events.
01:10:01 Maria Tegtmeier: You can put the link in Ancestry to Find a Grave... correct?  just not the picture.
01:10:24 Frank Jatzek: Myt: same goes for some Archives in Germany
01:10:35 Frank Jatzek: *myrt
01:12:36 Randy Seaver: I love the navigation in RootsMagic 7 - but I'm used to it - intuitive.  The switxch to RM 8 mmay be difficult!
01:14:08 Sheila Benedict: I would like to know more about Heredis
01:17:06 Maria Capaldi: I am not liking RM8. Having a lot of issues -freezing up and not signing into my Ancestry acct. [NOTE: RootsMagic Version 8 is in BETA and so any error reports should be reported to the developers and not to the general public who cannot purchase version 8. All pre-release BETA testing has hiccups, and by definition, as a BETA tester, we are there to help iron things out, not to denigrate the program.]
01:17:48 Betty-Lu Burton: For those who use more than one program, how do you handle citations between the programs?
01:18:04 Randy Seaver: I'm waiting for RM 8 to be loved by some folks - then I will try to use it.  I don't have time to debug someone's program.
01:18:36 Maria Capaldi: This with Find a Grave is something I had idea about!
01:18:56 Randy Seaver: Betty Lu - I try to use "freeform" citations similar to EE citations so that they GEDCOM well
01:20:12 Marian Koalski: I like to recommend Ancestral Quest to new users, because the main screen is simple to comprehend.
01:21:19 Marian Koalski: I agree with Randy about citation templates. People who don’t care about Gedcom will care someday!
01:21:31 Frank Jatzek: Lianne: RM7 is the lastest Version. Version 8 is still in Beta...I would not use it untill it finished beside testing it with data that I am Aware can be compromised
01:23:35 Cousin Russ: Reunion
01:24:22 Maria Capaldi: If I remember correctly I think Cari Taplin uses Reunion
01:24:45 Sheila Benedict: Does anyone remember a program that I think was called The Master Genealogist?
01:25:06 Dorothy Oksner: Yes, I used to have it.
01:25:07 Marian Koalski: Yes, Sheila, and I think some good genealogists are still using it.
01:25:38 Sheila Benedict: I had an old version and thought it was discontinued so I threw it out. Is there a new version?
01:26:05 Diana Smith: Sheila Benedict, I know some users who stay with TMG - too steep a learning curve for Gary, so we didn't use it.
01:26:29 Sheila Benedict: I really liked it but was sad when it went bye-bye
01:26:36 Dorothy Oksner: It’s no longer supported since the owner retired from the business.
01:27:08 Cousin Russ:
01:27:15 Marian Koalski: Are there people who are watching Ed Thompson’s video series on genealogy software?
01:27:33 Maria Capaldi: lol
01:28:24 Maria Tegtmeier: Funny Pat.
01:28:31 Betty-Lu Burton: Marian I have started watching Ed Thompson's videos on software
01:28:41 Marian Koalski: This Thursday’s video with Ed Thompson on genealogy software is here:
01:29:48 Marian Koalski: This is the link of Ed Thompson’s whole series on genealogy software:
01:30:42 Maria Capaldi: Q-So you enter the data and it maps it?
01:31:05 Betty-Lu Burton: It looks like some one was born near the Aosta area of Italy
01:31:25 Louis Kessler: Marian: I'm a regular who's always attending Ed's  Genealogy Software Showcase every week.
01:31:45 Randy Seaver: You enter your WikiTree number (mine is Seaver-15) and it makes thel ist. m It did 10 generations of my ancestors in about 30 seconds.  From WikiTree, whch I should update in some areas.
01:32:05 Randy Seaver: Haven't looked at the map feature yet.
01:32:43 Marian Koalski: Louis, I’ve seen you in the chat there.  Good to see you here, too!
01:32:51 Danine Cozzens: Maria, Cari Taplin and several other genealogists I respect also use Reunion. This influenced my choice to stay and the rigorous file management of the support group at CGS gives me local support for any bumps in the road.  I may use FTM for synching with my Ancestry tree once I get the computer upgrade from my elderly laptop.
01:33:05 Maria Capaldi: Looks great!
01:33:15 Flo Merritt: How Cool!
01:34:10 Sheila Benedict: Very cool!! Sorry, I am overdue and need to leave. I have really enjoyed today's information.
01:34:18 Marian Koalski: Danine, who is CGS?
01:34:24 Maria Capaldi: Thanks Danine that's great
01:35:47 Cousin Russ: WikiTree Meetup
01:35:53 Patricia Jackson: I watch Ed Thompson but his soothing voice puts me to sleep if I’m not careful
01:36:08 Maria Capaldi: Yes I will try to be there! I think it is awesome that you're doing this Myrt
01:36:10 Marian Koalski: Yes, Patricia, he does have a good voice.
01:36:19 Maria Capaldi: 8pm Eastern
01:36:58 Frank Jatzek: 2am for me, 3am is Wacky Wednesday and who Needs Sleep ;)
01:37:29 Maria Capaldi: That's funny Frank
01:37:34 Marian Koalski: Frank, if you have insomnia, this might help.
01:37:41 Betty-Lu Burton: Frank you might need to become a night owl and sleep during the day and work at night
01:38:05 Frank Jatzek: Betty-Lu: I am already
01:38:36 Maria Capaldi: I need to work through mine, it needs a lot of work I've been neglecting it. :-(
01:39:13 Maria Capaldi: Myrt are you doing Mini Myrt?
01:39:29 Sheri Snodgrass: @Hilary - the WikiTree intro is recorded, right?
01:39:31 Maria Capaldi: Yes I read that!
01:39:41 Danine Cozzens: Marian, CGS is California Genealogical Society, based in Oakland, which has much virtual activity. Along with a great FTM group.
01:40:24 Kathleen Daetsch: Watched it this morning
01:40:45 Kathleen Daetsch: You have inspired me.
01:41:18 Randy Seaver: The WikiTree genealogy investigations of famous genies is on their YouTube channel.
01:41:42 Maria Capaldi: Indeed it is.
01:42:54 Marian Koalski: Thanks, Danine.  Maybe I should join from Massachusetts and enjoy the CGS’s virtual benefits
01:43:40 Kathleen Daetsch: I have note on my ancestors, sometimes stuff I have found in old newspapers
01:44:57 Kathleen Daetsch: I'm thinking about journals on family groups.
01:44:59 Sheri Snodgrass: We have Special Interest Groups for RM, FTM, and Legacy
01:45:30 Maria Capaldi: Thanks Everyone always great information on Mondays!! tyvm :-)
01:45:33 Maria Tegtmeier: Got to go, Thanks everyone - Pat let me know if you need some Chicken Noodle soup after your shot today.
01:45:40 Michael Nier: I use primarily FTM, but load GEDCOMs into Legacy and RM for error checking. FTM does not capture all my errors.(Actually, none of them do, but using multiple error checkin tools exposes most of my errors.)
01:46:01 Maria Capaldi: Good Luck Myrt Fingers are crossed it goes well!!!
01:46:30 Flo Merritt: Bye All
01:46:33 Marian Koalski: Be well, Myrt
01:46:34 Michael Nier: Thank you.
01:46:34 Maria Capaldi: that was a

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