Monday, March 15, 2021

New Genealogist Needs a Tutor

I’m new in genealogy. Your webinars very professional and educational and I happy to be one of your followers. I have hundreds of questions. Will be possible to provide me a person  who would be enable to help me start my family tree, meeting via WhatsApp or Zoom

Thank you and happy searching.

Dear M,

Thank-you for your kind words. Many people find free assistance and attend classes at local LDS Family History Centers, but due to Covid-19 restrictions, these 5,000+ local centers are currently closed to the public. Once they begin opening up, look for the one closest to you by reviewing FamilySearch Wiki's "Introduction to Family History Centers"  located here:

While I no longer take private clients, I can tell you that tutoring from a professional genealogist would cost about $50-$100+ per hour. If you need to hire one, I recommend looking at someone from one of these organizations that has experience with research in the localities where your ancestors once lived.

Please also review FamilySearch Wiki’s “Hiring a Professional Researcher” found here:

Developing an Education Plan
I recommend joining Family Tree Webinars for $49 annually, and watching every webinar of interest. BUT keep in mind, all webinars start out free for the live event, and then after 5 days go behind the pay wall. They are featuring a 24-hour genealogy webinar marathon 8-9 April 2021

I also recommend following Ed Thompson’s Genealogy Software Showcase webinars archived on YouTube. Although several worthwhile websites offer online tree-building, it's best to have your own genealogy database on your computer, backed up to the cloud. Particularly since no single genealogy website has it all, when it comes to digital images mentioning ancestors. 

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